Grade: Pre-School

#4562. My Manners matter

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue May 3 19:52:54 PDT 2011 by Jillian (Jillian).
Brooklyn, United States
Materials Required: My Manners Matter by Pat Thomas, chart paper
Concepts Taught: Practicing good manners through pre-reading, during reading and after reading strategies

BODY OF LESSON (Procedure)-
1. Begin to introduce text to students.
2. Co-teacher will come over and knock the book out of my hands. I will pretend to cry and not use any words to explain why I am upset.
3. We will tell the students that this was a set up and was not for real. Then I will ask students what they observed.
4. I then will really introduce the book My Manners Matter by Pat Thomas to the class. Explain that this book will provide us with examples of how we can solve the problem by using manners.
5. I will write the word manners in a bubble in the middle of large chart paper. I will tell the students that as I read, they can raise their hand if they hear anything that helps us understand more about how to use our manners.
6. As I read, I will stop and ask the students if they have anything to add to our web.
7. After reading aloud the entire book, I will ask students to help review what we learned about manners.
8. Throughout the rest of the day, I will remind children to use their manners. The chart paper with the web will remain hanging in the classroom as a reference for students to use.
9. (The following day) We will review the web and the problem that "occurred" the previous day between me and my Co-teacher.
10. Students will then act out solutions and alternatives to solving the problem. They will use examples from the chart to perform their acts.
11. A few partners will share their skit with the class.
CULMINATION -- Students will work with a partner to create their own dramatized scenario of how they would solve our original problem now by using the new words from our manners web. After students have had time to work with a partner. A few groups will present their scenarios to the class.
ASSESSMENT -- I will know if the students learned what I was teaching by observing their behaviors during the regular school day. If they are using the words from our manners web to solve their real problems, then I know that they learned what I was teaching.