Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#4566. How to Create a Webquest

Art, level: Middle
Posted Mon May 9 06:46:32 PDT 2011 by Joy Campbell (Joy Campbell).
Master in Instructional Technology, Naples, USA
Materials Required: Internet Connection - Paper and pencil
Activity Time: 45 mins
Concepts Taught: Anime Art History

Students will explores the different styles anime has gone through since 1945. The assignment is a choice of three writing topics that reinforce and allow students to demonstrate what they have learned.

Download the completed file for classroom use or follow the tutorial to create your own webquest from a course you currently teach.

What type of webquest can you create? A health class could create a webquest to learn how to create healthy menus. A technology class could create a webquest on the different ways to create a webpage.

A webquest is an assignment for students to complete in groups or individually, in class or as a homework assignment.