Grade: 3-5
Subject: Health

#4568. Tobacco Addiction

Health, level: 3-5
Posted Mon May 9 20:59:27 PDT 2011 by Nicole (Nicole).
Hunter College, New York, NY

Grade: 4
Topic/Unit: Tobacco Addiction
Time: 50 minutes
Size and Type of class: General Ed. Class of 20 students
Aim: This lesson is intended to teach and inform students about the harms that tobacco and smoking can have on their health and lives as a part of the Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Unit.

Student Objectives:
• Students will be able to list the negative effects tobacco has on lives.
• Students will be able to explain what they have learned about tobacco.
• Students will be able to create posters demonstrating what they have learned about tobacco usage and prevention.

• Jimmie Boogie Learns about Smoking by Tim Brenneman
• Chart paper and marker
• Poster Boards
• Markers
• Glue
• Glitter and
• Construction paper
• Scissors
• Additional arts and crafts materials of your choice

Pre-teaching Activities (Building Prior Knowledge):
• I will first call the students to the rug.
• I will start by asking, "What do you know about tobacco? What is it?" I will go around and have students give answers. Depending on their answers, I may have to assist them with the conversation by inputting more open-ended questions.
• Next I will ask the students, "Why is tobacco bad for you?" I will write these answers on the chart paper.
• I will then start to read the book, Jimmie Boogie Learns about Smoking by Tim Brenneman. The book teaches about the addiction and consequences of tobacco usage.
• After reading the book, we will look at the list they came up before I read the book and then have them think about what they remember from the book that may not be on the list that we can add.
• I will now ask the students to return to their seats. Because the book is short, I have created a PowerPoint presentation that will inform the students, and also be a review, of what they learned in previous classes and this one. It will consist of the different harms of tobacco usage, what tobacco is, books relating to the topic, a web link they can refer to and also a "What should you do?" slide. (See attached slides.)
• I will ask the students if they have any questions about what we have went over.

• Now that the students have information about tobacco addiction from different outlets such as a book and the presentation, they will be broken up into 4 groups of 5 from this project.
• I will first hand out a poster board to each group. There will also be a table consisting of many arts and crafts tools such as: glue, scissors, construction paper, markers, glitter, etc. I will call each group up to pick what they think they will need to use for their poster.
• Each group will have to come up with a "No Smoking Campaign Poster," displaying what they learned about tobacco usage and prevention.
• With the information they have received, they are to pick and choice how they will want to create their poster. They will be granted a few minutes to briefly brainstorm what they want to do.
• Once this time is up, each table will then be prompted to go and take the materials they think they will need for their poster.
• I will be walking around to assist them if they need help and to make sure they are doing what is assigned.
• Once they are finished, I will lay them around the room for the next day so that they can dry. Their homework will also be a component to the day's lesson; therefore, the presentation of their materials will be done the following day.

• I will assess the students informally by the answers they contribute before and after the reading and presentation.
• They will also be assessed both formally and informally about whether or not they displayed knowledge of the topic. This will be done by informal questioning and discussion and formally through their posters and homework.
• Students will also be assessed by the creation of their posters. This will be based off of a rubric rating them on their knowledge of the subject (important ideas and/or images), creativity, group participation, and organization and neatness. (See attached)

• Students will have the choice to create a short poem, journal or song about what they have learned about tobacco usage and prevention. They will bring it to class the following day and also present their creative piece with their group posters.


Rate Description
4 • Poster is well organized, neat and easy to interpret.
• Includes important ideas and/or images related to topic
• Poster displayed extreme creativity
• Group participated very well
3 • Poster is organized, neat and able to interpret
• Includes some important ideas and/or topics related to topic
• Poster was creative
• Group participation was apparent
2 • Poster is somewhat organized but can be a little difficult to interpret without direction
• Includes little important ideas and/or images related to topic
• Poster lacked creativity
• Little group participation
1 • Poster is not organized and is all over the place making it hard to interpret
• Does not include any important ideas/and or images related to topic
• Poster was not creative
• No group participation