Grade: all
Subject: Special Ed

#4571. Vocational Job training

Special Ed, level: all
Posted Thu May 12 22:26:58 PDT 2011 by cajuhan (cajuhan).
Materials Required: See below
Activity Time: 15-30 mins.
Concepts Taught: Varioud job related tasks

Objective: SW develop various job related skills
Goal: SW develop task endurance, sort, serve, and attend to a task.
Arrange different centers that focus on serving and sorting (hospitality skills)
The centers include: The SW attend to. . .
... a laundry services such as folding clothes, hanging clothes, and sorting clothes.
... restaurant services such as setting and busing tables, stacking cups, filling straw containers, fill condiment containers and sorting silver/plastic ware
... scooping objects such as balls of various sizes, using tongs to serve objects in different sized containers.
... bagging groceries and putting items on shelves.
... sorting flowers by color, wrapping the flowers in paper, putting flowers in a container.
. . . placing cards in slots or envelopes.
Each day the students have to pick a card and work on a task. After an allotted time, the task is switched. The students are graded by task endurance and task performance.