Grade: 1-2

#4573. My History Symbols Book

Social Studies, level: 1-2
Posted Mon Feb 20 17:32:47 PST 2012 by Marie Candelaria (Marie Candelaria).
Materials Required: Construction Paper, computer paper, glue, stapler, and symbol examples
Activity Time: 1 hour

Objective: Students will be able to recognize symbols relating to the United States and understand there significance.

History-Social Studies
1.3 Students know and understand the symbols, icons, and traditions of the United States that provide continuity and a sense of community across time.
(3.) Identify American symbols, landmarks, and essential documents, such as the flag, bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, and know the people and events associated with them.

Anticipitory Set:
Bring in a box with items such as: a post card of The White House, a t-shirt of Obama, a bell (that resembles the liberty bell), a stuffed bald eagle, a suvenier copy of the Declaration of Independence, and a little American Flag.

Open the box and grab the bell and ring it, then continue to pull out the other items in the box as you tell them a little about the items.

Vocabulary/ Information
• The Liberty Bell- represents the independence of America. It was rung during the reading of the Declaration of Independence.
• The Declaration of Independence- a document, signed on July 4th 1176, that stated Americas independence from Britain.
• The Bald Eagle- was chosen over the turkey as the national emblem in 1782. It appears on our money and most of the state seals.
• The American Flag- This is only one of the flags our country has had. It is made up of 50 stars and 13 strips. The color red represents courage. The color white represents purity. The white star represent each state and the blue represent truth, loyalty, and justice.
• The White House- Home of the President of the United States.
• The President- The leader of the country.

Guided Practice:
Today we will be making a book out of construction paper. We will be drawing pictures of these items in our books, and pasting in our facts about those symbols.

Model for the students how to fold the paper in half(hamburger style), as they follow along. The children will need to fold 1 (colored construction paper) and 7 (blank white computer papers).

Then put the book together with the white papers on the inside and the colored one on the outside(for the book cover). Hold up and show your students what it should look like.

Then staple the folded edge of the book, and show the class. Pass around staplers for the students or have them bring their books up. Whatever method works best for your class.

Have your students paste in the facts, you previously printed out for them, onto the papers in their book. Model for them. Then Have them draw a picture of the symbols.