#4576. Reading Many Topics of Non-Fiction Texts and Journal writing

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu Mar 1 18:28:52 PST 2012 by Erica (Erica ).
Regis, Denver
Materials Required: Variety of nonfiction texts read through out the week and journal entry template.
Activity Time: 15-20 mini lesson and 15-20 independent work
Concepts Taught: Non-Fiction text

Intended Learning: Students celebrate non-fiction texts and what they learned about them so they realize the value and pleasure they gained from reading non-fiction texts.

Materials: Variety of nonfiction texts read through out the week and journal entry template.


Remind students of all their work with non-fiction texts during the past few weeks. Remind them how they read all-about and how-to books to learn more about many different subjects. Also, remind them how as a whole group they created a journal entry of a favorite non-fiction text read in that week.

Tell students that today each of them will create their own journal entry of one of the non-fiction texts. The journal entry will show what they have learned each week as they read non-fiction through out the non-fiction unit. Model writing the book's title and author. Then ask students what they learned from that book. Model writing what the learned in a short, concise sentence, such as "We learned about tigers." Then model drawing a quick illustration to go with the title, author, and "We learned about. . ." statement. This should have been modeled a few times before sending students off to work on their own entry independently.

Engagement: Each student receives a copy of the journal entry template. Ask students to think of one of their own personal favorite non-fiction texts and have them to "turn and talk" to partners about what books were their favorite and what they learned from these books.

Independent Writing: Students will take their journal entry template and write about their favorite non-fiction texts and what they learned about it.

Closure: Ask all students to share their journal entry template with partners. After have some students share to the whole class.

Name: _____________________________________________________________

My favorite nonfiction text was: ____________________________________________________________


It was written by: ____________________________________________________________________________


When I read this book, I learned about: ___________________________________________________