Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#4595. Environmental Science Current Events Article Summary

Science, level: Senior
Posted Fri Apr 20 08:41:32 PDT 2012 by James Dauray (James Dauray).
Environmental Science Current Events Article Search
Materials Required: Computer
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: current events, article summary, environmental science

Environmental science is a study of current events. As new technologies develop, as politics change, and as the human population grows, our impact and influence on the environmental also changes.

For this assignment, you are to find a recent (less than 3 years old) article addressing some aspect of environmental science that we have covered so far this year. For your article search, use the custom search engine at the following website:

This search engine looks specifically for environmental science themed articles from the following sources. You may use other sources, but they must given approval first.

National Geographic

Discover Magazine

New York Times

Smithsonian Magazine

BBC News

Scientific American

Here are some possible topics to consider. This is not a complete list and you are highly encouraged to come up with your own search ideas!

Amazon Deforestation | Coral Reef Bleaching | Desertification | Endangered Species

Food and Agriculture
Food Recalls | Food Poisoning | Factory Farming | Organic Foods | Bovine Growth Hormone | GMOs

Global Warming and Climate Change
Ocean Acidification | Sea Level Rising | Melting Ice Caps | Droughts | Severe Flooding

Human Health and Environmental Hazards
Antibiotic Resistance | Hormone Disruptors | Carcinogens | Teratogens | Heavy Metals | Obesity

Air Pollution
Air Quality | Smog | Emissions Standards | Acid Rain | Particulates

Water Pollution
Biomagnification | Groundwater Contamination | Oil Spills | Impaired Waters

Nonrenewable Energy
Strip Mining | Underground Mining | Clean Coal | Deep Sea Drilling | Fracking | Nuclear Reactors | Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy
Solar Cells | Biofuel | Wind Farms | Fuel Cells

Environmental Science Current Events Article Summary