Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#460. How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jun 11 13:46:31 PDT 1998 by Connie Courbat (
North Tama Elementary, Traer, Iowa USA
Materials Required: Computer with Internet access, Arthur's Pet Business, Kidsnet "Hello" Unit
Activity Time: Two weeks
Concepts Taught: What is a pet?

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

I. Introduction
Are all animals considered to be pets? Are cows and sheep pets? Sit back and listen to a favorite story called Arthur's Pet Business. Arthur knows what pets are and what they need. In the following activities The Student will learn about pets and why all animals aren't pets.

II. Tasks
You will fill out a chart about a pet's needs.

You will write the definition of a pet.

You will make a list of your family pets using your understanding of what a pet is.

You will fill out a questionaire about your pet.

You will share information about your pet with others online.

You will answer riddles about pets.

III. Process
Part One: Introduction

1. You will listen to the story Arthur's Pet Business. A discussion will be held about how Arthur cared for the pets. As teams we will make a chart listing the things that Arthur did for the pets.

Part Two: Computer/ Research Work
Task 1, 2, and 3

Follow the steps listed below. Putting your arrow on the box will add a checkmark. You can check off each step as you complete it.

1. You will be divided into pairs.

2. Each team will obtain a copy of the disk labeled "Pet" from Ms. Courbat.

3. Each team will colloborate to complete each of the tasks. Each team will take turns operating the computer and recording data.

4. Each team needs to turn on the computer and put the disk labeled" Pet" into the disk drive.

5. Click twice on the following web site. You are now on the Internet ready to research about pets.

6. Go to the link "What All Pets Need." Open this link by putting your hand icon (picture) on the words and pressing. Read together the paragraph called "Friends for Life."

7. Under the paragraph are seven (7) links about pets. Press each link with your hand icon and read the information from each link.

8. Each team should get a copy of the "Pet Care Chart" from Ms. Courbat.

9. Each team needs to complete the chart by writing sentences telling something about each topic. For example:A sentence for the food link might be.. Pets need to be fed the correct food. You can look back at each link as many times as you need to.

10. Each team will write a paragraph which defines the word pet. You will use the sentence beginning A pet is........... Use your chart of information as a guide to help you write your sentences.

11. Each team will write their definition on a piece of chart paper and share orally with the class.

12. You need to pick up a copy of the data sheet called "My Pets" from Ms. Courbat.

13. Using what you know about pets, make a list of the animals in your family that you think are pets.

14. Each team will report their pet data to the class. The information will be entered on a class spreadsheet.

Part III: Internet Communication
Tasks 4 and 5

15. Each team needs to return to the computer and put the disk labeled "Pet" into the disk drive. Click twice on the following web site.

16. Read together the information on the web site.

17. Each team member will need to fill out the information one at a time. Your team member can help you with spelling and ideas. Enter the information starting at the top of the page. You will be telling about your pet and also writing a short story about an experience you have had with your pet.

18. When you are finished entering your information and story about your pet, press the button at the bottom of the page titled submit now.

19. Go to the web site listed below. Put your hand icon on the name of the site and press.

20. Read the questions together and then each team member needs to take a turn and fill out the questionaire about their pet. Do not fill in the information about your family's income.

21. When you have finished filling out the questionaire, with the help of your teammate check over your sentences for any mistakes.

22. Then press the button at the bottom of the page titled send to AAHA.

Part IV: Internet Fun
Task 6

23. Are you good at answering riddles. Put your hand icon on the next web site and see how many questions you can answer.

24. As a team read each riddle and share what you think the answer is. Then press true or false. Read the information that comes along with the true or false. How many questions did you get correct.

25. When finished with the riddles, turn off your machine and hand the "Pet disk" back to Ms. Courbat.
26. Choose one of the web sites and fill out the evaluation sheet.
A rubric will be used to evaluate quality of student answers on:

• pet definitions
• pet research
• Chart information
• Pet story
• task completion

Congratulations you have learned what a pet is. You know what an animal needs in order to be called a pet.
You have written a pet definition and shared information about your pets with others around the world. You have been on the Internet.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Want to learn more about pets. Visit the following web sites and have fun exploring.

These activities were designed and created by Connie Courbat from North Tama Elementary in Traer, Iowa. My e-mail address is