Grade: 3-5
Subject: other

#4605. Synonyms

other, level: 3-5
Posted Tue Jul 17 18:25:04 PDT 2012 by Carolyn Dutton (Carolyn Dutton).
James Buchanan Elementary, Levittown, Pa. Bucks
Materials Required: thesaurus, paper, pencil
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: adjectives and synonyms

To begin, review what an adjective is..a describing word. Break the students into partners. Explain that they will come up with 15 adjectives about the other person they are working with (kind words of course)and list them done on paper. Once they have completed this, review what a synonym is. The students will swap papers and use a thesaurus to find 15 synonyms for each adjective that they have in front of them. This lesson is fun because students are now looking at a list of adjectives describing what a friend thinks about them. It may take more time if students need a review of using a thesaurus. When lesson is complete, have each student give the adjective that their partner gave describing them and the synonym that they have located in the thesaurus. To extend they lesson, you may decide to have each student pick the adjective and synonym that they felt best described them and summarize why they feel it is a good description of he/she.