Grade: Elementary

#461. Delicious Descriptive Adjectives

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jun 11 13:56:43 PDT 1998 by Teresa Strayer (
Hudson Elementary School, Hudson, U.S.A.
Materials Required: computer with Internet access, printer, recipe ingredients
Activity Time: 3-4 weeks, daily 30-minute sessions
Concepts Taught: adjectives, narrative paragraphs

Written by Teresa Strayer


Your mission for this project is to make different foods sound as delectable and as
scrumptious as possible. Are you up for the challenge? Are your mouths ready to water and stomachs ready to grumble?


1. You and a partner will be using and identifying adjectives in original sentences and paragraphs.

2. Another student and your mom or dad will be helping you with editing your work.

3. You will get to use the Internet for some of the activities.

4. You will be making a favorite recipe chosen from the Internet .

5. You will be telling the class how you made your recipe and share the finished product with us.


Step 1

1. You and your partner will need one sheet of paper and a pencil. Put both of your names on the paper, and for the title put "Internet Adjectives".

2. With your partner, visit this web site (

3. Scroll down with the bottom left "down" arrow, and under "Multimedia" , click on "Play the video".

4. Be patient as it will take a few minutes for a small screen to appear in the middle of the screen. When it does, press the blue triangle on the bottom left of the small screen.

5. Listen to the song "Unpack Your Adjectives". Listen carefully for adjectives (words that describe a person, place, or thing).

6. On the paper, list at least 10 adjectives from the song. You may play the song as many times as needed until your list is complete.

7. Rate the song at the bottom of the web page before leaving the site. If you need help listing adjectives, click on "back" at the top left of the screen, and the lyrics will appear for you to see.

8. Turn in your list to the language basket.

Step 2

1. You and your partner need a sheet of paper, a pencil, and and a purple colored pencil for this activity.

2. Visit the web site ( ). You will be completing all three exercises.

3. Click once on the blue "exercise 1". Click once on each answer. After #10, click on "submit your answers".

4. Click on "print" and wait patiently for a copy. At the top left of your screen, click once on "back". Now do the same with exercise #2 and exercise #3.

5. Print out the scores for each exercise, but do not leave the web site when done.

6. Add both of your names to the score sheets, and turn them in to the language basket.

7. Return to the computer. On your sheet of paper, put both of your names and use the title "Adjective Sentences".

8. Return to any of the 3 exercises on the computer and choose adjectives to include in original sentences.

9. You and your partner need to make up 5 sentences together and include 2 adjectives from the exercise in each sentence.

10. Circle you adjectives with a purple colored pencil. Place your sentences in your language arts folder.

11. When all students are done, the class will play "Name That Adjective" with 2 teams competing. You and your partner will each share one of your favorite sentences with the class, and they will try to identify your 2 adjectives.

Step 3

1. You and your partner will need one sheet of paper, a pencil, and a purple colored pencil. Put "Our School Lunch Menu" for the title. Include both of your names in the heading.

2. The two of you need to plan a nutritious and delicious school lunch that you would like our cafeteria workers to serve.

3. Please visit this web site: (

4. Just scroll up and down with the blue arrows on the right side of your screen. Look at all of the categories and foods there are to choose from. Decide which items will make up your scrumptious lunch.

5. On your paper, first list the items you have chosen from the given categories. (You do not need to use one item from each category.)

6. Next, you and your partner should return to one of your desks and describe your meal in paragraph form.

7. You need to use complete sentences and include as many adjectives as possible. A minimum of 10 adjectives are needed. If you would like, start out your paragraph with "Our _______ lunch includes ....." (Fill in the blank with an adjective.)

8. Please circle your adjectives with a purple colored pencil.

9. Place your menu in your language arts folder.

10. When all students have finished their menus, you and your partner will be sharing your menu paragraph with the class. All students will vote on the most delectable lunch menu. The winning menu will be shared with our principal!

Step 4

1. You and your partner will each need one sheet of paper, one evaluation form from your teacher, and a pencil.

2. Your task is to visit the following web sites and choose a recipe which sounds delicious to you. (You will choose a recipe, and so will your partner.)

3. For one of the web sites, the two of you need to complete a web site evaluation form.

Web sites to visit:

Kid Recipes @

Kid's Kitchen @

Kid's Cooking Corner @

Cooking Kids @

Kid's Honey Recipes @

Eeyore's Snack Page @

Bugfood: Insect-themed Food @

Fun with Fruits + Vegetables Kid's Cookbook @

4. You will need to print 2 copies of your recipe.

5. Return to your desk, and place one copy in your language folder.

6. With one copy of your recipe in front of you, answer the following questions about your recipe. Please use complete sentences when answering. Put your name and the title "Recipe Questions" on your paper.

1.) What is the title of your recipe?

2.) How many servings does your recipe make?

3.) For our class of 23, how many recipes will you need to make?

7. Place your second recipe copy in your language arts folder, also.

8. Turn in your answers to the language basket.

Step 5

1. You and your partner will each need one copy of your recipe, one sheet of paper, and a pencil.

2. Visit the Net Grocer at (

3. Your job is to purchase the items needed to make your recipe. On your paper, put your name and "Net Grocer" for the title.

4. On your paper, include the following information and answer these questions in complete sentences:

1.) List the items you purchased.

2.) What is the total purchase price of your recipe ingredients?

3.) What is the average cost of an item?

4.) If you receive $1.50 allowance per week, how many weeks need to
pass for you to actually purchase your ingredients?

5.) How much change would you have left over?

5. Turn in your answers to the language basket.

Step 6

1. You will be completing step 6 on your own. (Ask your partner or teacher for assistance if needed.)

2. You will need one copy of your recipe, a sheet of paper, and pencil. Put the name of your recipe for your title.

3. Your job is to write a narrative paragraph which explains how to make your food item. Please include these sentences in your paragraph:

topic sentence = State what your item is and make a statement about it.

detail sentences = List the materials and ingredients needed. Write the directions of how to make your recipe. (Use complete sentences.)

concluding sentences = Finish with a sentence about clean-up, and then make a final statement about making your food item.

4. Place your paragraph and recipe in your language folder.

Step 7

1. You will need your recipe paragraph and a green pen.

2. Please trade your paragraph with another student. Use a green pen when you initial the bottom of the page and edit for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and incomplete sentences.

3. Return the edited paragraph to the owner.

4. Take your paragraph home and have an adult edit with a blue pen. Return the edited paragraph to school.

Step 8

1. Rewrite your paragraph with the name of your food item for the title. Don't forget your name.

2. Turn in your second draft paragraph to the language basket.

Step 9

1. You will need a few index cards and your paragraph for this assignment.

2. Your job will be to give a short speech to the class about making your recipe.

3. On the index cards, write down any notes you would like to have with you during your speech. Keep the notes simple and easy to read.

4. Put your cards in your homework folder.

Step 10

1. Make your recipe at home with your parent's permission and help.

2. Practice your speech at home with an audience.

Step 11

1. Give your speech and share your recipe with your class. Remember to speak in a loud, clear voice.

Step 12

1. Take your second copy of your recipe out from your language arts folder.

2. With your partner, visit "The Children's Museum" in Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin, Germany (

3. Decide which student will go first as you will both need to complete a questionnaire.

4. When it is your turn, click on the blue "questionnaire" button.

5. Answer the questions about yourself and your recipe.

6. Click on "submit".

7. Click on the purple arrow at the bottom left of your screen.

8. Now your partner should also complete and submit the questionnaire, also.

9. Place your recipe copy back in your language arts folder.

Step 13

1. Give your recipe to your teacher who will be sending it by e-mail to "The Children's Museum" in Germany to be included in the "International Children's Cookbook".
(e-mail @
(Send to: Kinder + Jugend Museum im Prenzlauer Berg, Schivelbeiner Str. 45, D-10439 Berlin, Germany)


"Internet Adjectives" Schoolhouse Rock List - Each adjective will be worth 10 points. (10 adjectives = 100 percent)

"Adjective Exercises" - All 3 of the exercises were graded on the score sheets. Those scores will be entered in the grade book.

"Adjective Sentences" - Each of the 5 sentences is worth 20 points. You will receive all 20 of the points if it is a complete sentence and if 2 adjectives are used and circled in purple colored pencil.

"Our School Lunch Menu" - You will receive 50 points for writing your menu in a paragraph with complete sentences, 25 points for planning a nutritious menu, and 25 points for circling at least 10 adjectives in your paragraph with a purple colored pencil. (Total of 100 points possible)

"Recipe Questions" - You will receive 100 points if you have answered all 3 questions in complete sentences.

"Net Grocer" - There are 5 questions, and each one is worth 20 points. (Total of 100 points possible)

Narrative Paragraph - This paragraph will be graded using a rubric.

Recipe Speech - Your speech will be graded using a rubric.


Did you accomplish your mission? Did you make yourself hungry as you described food in an irresistible way? In our next study of adjectives, you will be making a menu for your very own restaurant. You could create an Italian restaurant or perhaps an ice cream parlor! Be thinking about what type of restaurant you would like to have.