Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#4616. High School Story Webquest

Language, level: Senior
Posted Thu Aug 23 08:54:32 PDT 2012 by Parker Owens (Parker Owens).

KY Story, Richmond, KY USA
Materials Required: publisher, word, or similar programs
Activity Time: 10 hours
Concepts Taught: writing, editing, computer software

High School Story Webquest
Publish a Book of Short Stories From Students at Your High School


You are an editor at a major New York publisher, seeking the most interesting stories from high school students.

Are you prepared to introduce the voices of high school students to the world?

The Task

Many tasks will be required.

develop a poster using Microsoft Publisher to make a call for submissions
promote the project using your poster, and present the project to other English classes
set a due date for the project
as entries come in, acknowledge receipt of the story
decide which entries will be published
place all stories in a Microsoft Word document, and build a table of contents
send document to a publisher to publish

The Process

Assign students to teams of editing/proofing, promotion/sales, and website.

The editing team chooses which stories will be published, the order of stories, and provides a proof to send to the publisher
The promotion and sales team is responsible for making a poster to generate interest in the product, and later encourages sales.
The web team provides a webpage to introduce students to the project, and later a link to purchase the book.


Your teacher can decide whether to give individual or group grades.


With the advent of self-publishing, anyone can publish their manuscript. Can you think of reasons why self-publishing is a great idea for high school students?

Credits & References

KY Story can publish your book without a charge. The books are priced reasonably and will be available for purchase online at Contact for more information.