Grade: 1-2
Subject: Literature

#4618. Pretty Dolls Character Education Lesson

Literature, level: 1-2
Posted Thu Aug 23 10:21:19 PDT 2012 by Kimberly Dana (Kimberly Dana).
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Author/Teacher, Nashville, USA
Materials Required: Pretty Dolls, Character Education Packet
Activity Time: 1-2 Hours
Concepts Taught: Character Education, Anti-Bullying, Common Core, Literacy

Follow the link below for a free, hands-on, character education guide PDF that reinforces literacy and common core standards in the primary grades.

About the Book:
It's a pretty doll's world as beautiful Emily-Nicole, Lilly-Kate, and Chloλ-Anne perch on the tippy top bookcase shelf in little Tasha's bedroom day after day. Yet it's Gracie, the purple-eyed, one-armed, spiky haired doll who's won the snuggly arms and heart of Tasha. Only Emily-Nicole will have none of it. Little does Tasha know that when the lights go out in her room, the doll wars begin. . ..PRETTY DOLLS is a charming children's picture book that addresses the universal themes of jealousy, love, and friendship. Reviewed and endorsed by librarians and teachers across the country as an ideal classroom resource for teaching character education, pro-social skills, and anti-bullying strategies, PRETTY DOLLS has won awards from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and Reader Views as Best Children's Picture Book of the Year. It is recommended and endorsed by the award-winning educational websites: and

How to Use this Guide:
Expressly designed for the primary grades, The Pretty Dolls Character Education Curriculum Guide is a student/teacher-friendly, hands-on classroom resource. It includes the following items:

• Introduction -- Page 1
• Kids' Bookclub Discussion Questions -- Page 2-3
• Pretty Dolls Book Questions -- Page 4
• Kindness/Respect Reflection Sheets -- Page 5-6
• Draw a Scene -- Page 7
• Reader's Theater -- Page 8-9
• Pretty Dolls Coloring Page -- Gracie and Tasha -- Page 10

After reading PRETTY DOLLS, the teacher may use the Kids' Book Club Discussion Questions as a way to engage children on exploring the importance of respect and fair treatment of others. Students can complete the Book Questions, Kindness/Respect Reflection Sheets, Draw a Scene, and Coloring Page independently. Students may then share their work with the class, small group, or partner. Reader's Theater is an interactive literacy activity that can be performed in small groups or as a class. The script includes parts for boys, including Tasha's father and Victor, the dog.