Grade: Middle
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#462. Planning A Wardrobe

other, level: Middle
Posted Thu Jun 11 20:56:38 PDT 1998 by Tammy Ramey (
Helen Tyson Middle School, Springdale, Arkansas
Materials Required: mail order type clothing catalogs
Activity Time: 2 -45 minute classes
Concepts Taught: students learn how to plan a basic wardrobe using the concept of mix and matching clothes

Have students work in groups of 2-4. Give them a budget
to work with (ex: $450). Tell them they have to shop for
clothes from the catalogs and buy as many clothes as they
can with the money. They are to choose clothes for school, play, and dress. The goal is to buy clothes that
coordinate with each other so they can get the most
combinations of outfits for their money. Have them cut
out the clothes and glue to a posterboard and list the
different combinations of outfits that they come up with. They really enjoy this and the guys do great with it also. I teach Personal Living Skills to 7th graders and this is a
great activity for this age.