#4623. What's for dinner

Social Studies, level: Kindergarten
Posted Tue Jun 26 21:17:10 PDT 2012 by Sahlee Marie T. Correa (Sahlee Marie T. Correa).
Maron Green Sky Kindergaten, Wuhan, China
Materials Required: Picture words of different kinds of food and flag, PPT, worksheets, KT board
Activity Time: 30-40 mins.
Concepts Taught: International foods

1. Greetings
2. Show video: Oh I'm so hungry where shall we go? Let's go to the International Restaurant.
3. Play PPT of International Restaurant and show the dialogue: What's for dinner? /We have __
What do you like? / I like___. How much does it cost? $__yuan.
4. Learning part: show picture words of different food and KT board. Let the students explore at it first.
5. Ask: Now it's time for dinner. What's for dinner? Students should be able to choose which kind of food they like. Should be able to say: I like____. It's ___ food.
6. Let them put some food in the pocket of KT board to which country the food belongs.
7. Workshop: The students are ready to create an International Restaurant. Explain to them the duties and responsibilities of a chef, waiter and mascot.
Chef: make the food, Waiter: make the menu, Mascot: make the costume. Divide the students to 4 groups. Each student should be able to role play each part.