Grade: 1-2
Subject: Mathematics

#4629. Addition Stories

Mathematics, level: 1-2
Posted Sat Nov 17 17:05:02 PST 2012 by Janice Thompson (Janice Thompson).
Activity Time: 1 hr

Addition Stories

Grade: 1
California Grade1: Mathematics Content Standard 2.5) Show the meaning of addition (putting together, increasing).
Content Objectives:
Students will deepen their understanding of the concept of addition through oral storytelling with the use of manipulatives.
They will connect addition stories to math equations, and write the equations.
Chart paper with addition poem (Apples), flannel boards with manipulative pieces, white boards and markers, index cards with equations and answers for matching game that have been cut in half.
Begin by reading the addition poem, Apples.
Tell students that they will be making addition stories using the flannel boards and practicing using three important words (first, then, together). Explain that they will also be writing the equation that goes with the addition story. Using a flannel board, model how to tell an addition story using the three key vocabulary words. Write the corresponding equation on a white board. Check for understanding during the modeling by including students in the story telling. Ask students to tell a story and help with writing the equation.
Arrange students in heterogeneous groups of four and give each group one white board and marker. Tell an addition story using the flannel board and ask student groups to work together to write the corresponding equation. Only one student may write, while the other three provide guidance. Have students then pass the white board and marker to a teammate and repeat the process. Continue until all group members have had a turn writing an equation. During this time, circulate and assess student understanding and correct misconceptions among the teams.
To help students apply their math knowledge, conduct an inside/outside circle activity. The students on the inside of the circle hold the white board and the marker. The students of the outside circle hold the flannel board. Ask the students with the flannel board to tell an addition story to their inside partner, using the words first, then, and together. As they finish their story, have the partner write the equation to match the addition story. Once complete, instruct the partners to exchange materials and begin again. Repeat this process so that the students have numerous opportunities to practice integrating the content and the language objectives by telling an addition story.

Distribute half an index card to each student for a mix and match activity. Half of the students will receive the half of the index card with an equation, while the other half of the students will receive the half of the index card that has the equation's answer. Ask two students to model the trading process by asking, "What do you have?" and replying, "I have six plus two" (or whatever the card says). Next, ask students to reverse the questions, and then have them say,"Let's trade." Conduct the activity and have students begin mixing. Provide enough time so students have a chance to read many of the different equations and answers. Say, "Freeze!" to stop the mixing and then tell the students to find their match. Those who have matched sit on the edge of the rug, while those that are still seeking their match remain in the center of the rug. When all students have found their matches, ask each team to report out their equation and their answer. If desired, repeat the entire process for additional practice.