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#463. Creating an Electronic Resume for a Job Search

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Posted Fri Jun 12 06:36:40 PDT 1998 by Barbara Emerson (DBQE52@connectinc).
St. John-St. Nicholas School, Waterloo, IA 50703 USA
Materials Required: Clarisworks, Netscape Nagavigator
Activity Time: One Hour
Concepts Taught: Designing and Posting an Electronic Resume

Internet Task Model

Creating an Electronic Resume for a Job Search


Barbara Emerson


Are you seeking a glamour job or a new career? Why not try the the 2lst century approach to career changes?
You will be developing an appropriate resume for posting on a website for a job search. You will learn how to create a web page using filamentality for your resume. You will explore the Web to find established career sites.

The Task

You are developing skills in navigating on the Internet by using each of the four search tools (subject search, keyword search, subject and keyword search, and multi-engine search tools).
You will be using specific web sites to gather information and to review sample resumes for preview.
You will write and develop for own electronic resume for posting on the Internet.
You will develop skills in inserting bookmarks and organizing bookmarks in a web site to be able to go back quickly to a specific site for reference.
You will complete a rubric to evaluate your resume to summarize the accuracy and appeal value of your resume for a career search.

The Process

Open Netscape Navigator
Go to the website by using open Apple L and type in the following web address: a. Complete the following scavenger hunt:
1.Review posted resumes looking at page set-up, style, and graphics by using a keyword search and a subject search Identify any unique features.
2. Select two resumes and discuss why an employer would select those two candidates for an on-site interview
3. Bookmark this site by going to the photo bookmark on the menu bar and pulling the menu down to the word bookmark until the word is blackened. Release mouse and return to your task.
b. Choose two resumes that you like and print for your reference sample
Repeat the a above process using the following web address by using a multi- engine search, Metacrawler at using subject and keyword search (Minnesota and resume)
a. Choose a candidate from Minnesota to interview from the posted resumes at this site
1. Locate a map of the candidate's residence by using www.50 states. Drive me from Waterloo to his/her address to interview the candidate, using the web map
2. Calculate the numbers miles for this trip
3. Bookmark this site for future reference by repeating above process
Link to the State of Iowa using State of Iowa Administrators at
a. Find what efforts are being made in Iowa to increase incentives for Iowa teachers and administrators
b. What is being considered by the Iowa Licensure Department to assist education candidates from other states to seek a postion in Iowa
c. Bookmark this site
Develop your own resume on Clarisworks
a. Select at least one graphic to add to your resume
b. Select a website to post your resume
c. Save your resume page to a disk
d Share your page with at least one other person for review and evaluation
e. Print a hard copy


An evaluation of your project will be done by a peer using the Critical Evaluation of a Web Site: Elementary School Level by Kathleen Shrock at
A second evaluation will be completed by the instructor using a rubric from The Rubrics at

You have just learned how to surf the net using all four search methods to glean ideas to construct a an appropriate electronic resume. You have also designed your own resume and posted it on the web for employers to seek out your application. In addition, you have become skilled in saving bookmarks, printing a final document, and following specific directions as you constructed your Web page. You are on the road to a new job career and you have become computer literate!