Grade: Middle


Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 12 11:23:45 PDT 1998 by Paula Thome and Kathy Millett ().
St.John and Immaculate Conception, Waterloo and Gilbertville, IA, USA
Materials Required: computers with Internet access
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: creative writing, computers, Internet, slide show



What were you like as a person when you were four, nine, eleven? Are you similar or quite different to how you are now? What does your name mean and/or describe about you? How would you describe yourself? How would others describe you? What symbol best describes you? You will be finding the answers to these questions in your next creative writing assignment.


You will be asked to research the meaning of your name and to create a symbolic meaning of your name using an appropriate clipart image. Then you will construct a "Then and Now" poem according to the format given to you. Finally, you will design a ClarisWorks slide show to present the name information gathered and your poem.

Student Objectives:
You will develop an interest in using the Internet as an information resource.
You will use the power of the Internet to locate information for selected topics.
You will learn how to cite Internet references and resources used in your project.
You will compare and contrast your life.
You will complete a creative writing assignment.
You will create a quality slide show


1. First you will be assigned a partner. Next you will need to interview that person and complete the Interview Sheet .

2. Next you will complete the "What's In My Name?" activity. This handout will explain how to access and use a Web site. ** After you have viewed the site complete the Critical Evaluation Survey. This Survey will be a useful tool in evaluating other sites you may visit.

3. Read "Citing Internet Addresses" handout and be prepared to participate in class discussion on this topic. Notice our cite reference on the Interview Sheet. How is this graphic different from graphics we used on other worksheets? How do you feel when others take something from you without your permission?

4. Your teacher will explain the format of the poem. Brainstorm ideas and work on creating your own poem.

5. Next you will be able to explore clipart on the Internet to locate a graphic for the symbol you choose to represent the meaning of your name in Step Two.

Open Netscape Communicator and Hold down the Open Apple(*) key on the keyboard and then tap the L key. When the Open Location dialog box appears, release the keys and type one of the following URL's:

You also have the option of creating your own graphic or using a clipart collection from a CD.

6. Design slide show
Create a storyboard for your slide show using the plan listed below.

Slide One will be your name.
Slide Two- will be a symbol of the meaning. (clipart with reference cited)
Slide Three through ? will be your Poem slides. (may use additional clipart here).

Approval of storyboard from teacher.

7. Create your slide show using the "Creating a ClarisWorks Slide show" handout as a guide.

8. Share presentation with class and then with another school.


Your multimedia project will be evaluated by rubric.


By completing this project you will have learned more about yourself and creatively expressed this in poem form. You will be able to use ClarisWorks to create a slide show. You will be able to access the Internet to find information and realize the importance of citing information. You will have a tool to use to help you evaluate other sites you may visit.