Grade: 1-2
Subject: Language

#4685. Fairy tale task

Language, level: 1-2
Posted 01/11/2013 by Zeineb Haider (Zeineb Haider).
UTSA, san antonio
Materials Required: disney fairytale books
Activity Time: 10-30 miutes
Concepts Taught: Group interaction

Task : Definition of a fairy tale
Phase I:
Students are divided into groups of 3.
Each group is assigned to read a specific fairy tale for example: Cinderella, Snow white and
the seven dwarfs, , Beauty & the beast, Sleeping beauty, Lady & the tramp.
Each group discusses the following questions:
Who are the main characters in the fairy tale?
Where does it take place?
What are the main magical events that take place?
The students will read and discuss their answers.

Phase II:
New groups will be assigned with students who analyzed different fairy tales. Each student will
have 3-5 minutes to discuss and share his/her information about their assigned fairy tale.

Phase III:
The groups will create a poster to share with all of the class that reflects on what the three
different fairy tales had in common and what was each group definition of a fairy tale is.

Description of the targeted learners: An average size classroom of young EFL learners. This task is a learning task that revolves around interaction with peers.

Explanation of the relevancy of the task for the targeted learners & how it fulfils interaction
relationship and communication goals:

This task is very successful when its used with an average size classroom that means 24-30
students in the class. The fairy tale task in an EFL classroom helps to integrate the four skills of language together that means it helps to improve listening, speaking, reading and writing. The strategy is a an efficient teaching technique that also encourages listening, engagement,
interaction, peer teaching, and cooperation by assigning each member of the group a role to play
in the learning task. The classroom is divided into groups of 3, which means we will have
approximately 8-10 groups. Each group is assigned to read one fairy tale by the teacher. One
leader is chosen by his peers for each group. The leader is responsible of assigning roles to his/
her peers. Each student is assigned to answer one question, then share's it with his group. The
leader discusses and gives time to his peers to share their answers. Each group will share their
answers and create a poster with the class and gives a definition of a fairy tale from their own
perspective. This task builds interpersonal and interactive skills in these EFL learners.
learners are the active participants in the task and do not depend on the teacher for information,
instead they depend on each other to successfully finish the task. Students take ownership in the
work and achievement.