Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#4692. Elements of Plot (Romeo and Juliet)

Literature, level: Middle
Posted 02/26/2013 by Lillian Samuels (Lillian Samuels).
Materials Required: plot chart, parody video clip of Romeo and Juliet
Activity Time: 1hour 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: Plot of Romeo and Juliet

Name: Lillian Samuels
Grade: 8
Date: February 26 2013
Subject: English Literature
Lesson Topic:
Duration: 1 hr 10mins

At the end of the lesson topic;
a) Students will know plot line of Romeo and Juliet
b) Students will know what plot is
a) After watching a video clip of The Plot Song students will define plot in their own words.
b) At the end of the lesson students will create a paragraph summarizing the plot of Romeo and Juliet.

a) After participating in the "Plotting the Play" activity, students will construct a plot chart in their books and complete the chart based on their understanding of plot and the play "Romeo and Juliet".
b) Student will

a) Students will work together to organize the "Picture be Still " activity.

Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge
a) Students should have read the text so has to have a general understanding of the events.
b) Students should be familiar with the different characters present in the text.

Strategies and Approaches
Deductive Approach
Reading Aloud

Instructional Material
Chart with elements of plot
Flash cards with the name of each element of the plot
Video clip with animated summary of Romeo and Juliet (
Video with the elements of plot

Key Concepts
The Plot is what happens in a story or play. It is the action, the connected series of events. (MacMillan Language Arts Today, Holt Elements of Literature)

The Caplets and Montague's fight in the streets of Verona. The Prince separates them and threatens them with death if they disturb the peace again. Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love.
Rising Action
Romeo and Juliet fall in love wed. Romeo Kills Tybalt and is banished. Friar Lawrence tries to help them to be together and give Juliet a potion that will allow her to appear as if she were dead.

Romeo returns to Verona and thinks Juliet is dead. He poisons himself and Juliet awakes and find Romeo dead and kills herself with Romeo's sword.

Falling Action
Their parents and the prince find them dead and Friar Lawrence explains what happened to the lovers.

Both families reconciled and have statues erected in honour of the dead youth.

Teaching learning Activities
Introductory Activity
"Meeting the Plot"
Step 1 -- Students will watch a video with the elements of plot
Step 2 -- Students will be asked what each element is
Expected responses -- the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and the resolution.
Step 3 -- Each element will be explained.
Step 4 -- Based on the explanations given students will be asked to coin a definition for plot. Answers will be written on the board.

Developmental Activities
Activity 1 -- Movie Hangtime
Step 1 -- students will view a 12 minutes video clip of the plot summary of "Romeo and Juliet" and be asked to make note of any important events
Step 2 -- Teacher and students will discuss of all the important events based on the video clip.
Step 4 -- Students will compile a list of events. This list will be used to fill a chart with the elements of the plot

Activity 2 -- Picture be Still
Step 1 -- The Class will be divided into five groups
Step 2 -- Each group will be given a flash card with an element of the plot of the play.
Step 3 -- Students will be instructed to read the section of the text which their element is from
Step 4 -- Students will be instructed to arrange their bodies to fit the scene depicted in the element given
Step 5 -- the groups will present in the order of the elements of the plot.
Step 6 -- Students will complete the plot diagram in their books based on the presentations.

Culminating Activity
Pretend you are an investigator working the case of the homicide and double suicide that took place and write a report to Montague and Capulet relaying the series of events that leads to the demise of their children and Paris.