Grade: 3-5
Subject: Mathematics

#4694. math

Mathematics, level: 3-5
Posted 03/17/2013 by breijah (breijah).
lincoln chater school, york
Materials Required: dice
Activity Time: 7:00pm/10:30pm

My class loves to play a game called SKUNK. Each
letter of the work SKUNK makes a column and is a round.
Each student in the class stands. Then the teacher or
designated student rolls the dice. The students then
have to add or multiply the dice and they get that many
points. Now each student has to decide if they want to
remain standing or sit down because if a one is rolled
those who are standing lose their points for that round
and the round ends. Play then goes to the next letter
or round. Students can decide at any time in each round
to sit down and save their points or stay and risk them.
If two ones are rolled, those who are standing lose their points for the whole game. The students learn strategy,and review math facts at the same time. It is a great quick game to use as a filler. Have fun.