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#4696. MCAS Prep Learning Centers

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Posted 03/26/2013 by Rochelle (Rochelle).
Lynnfield, USA
Materials Required: 4-6 Computer workstations, signs to label workstations
Activity Time: 50
Concepts Taught: Standardized Test Prep and Review

MCAS Prep Learning Centers

• Last minute review of the concepts students need to know for MCAS
• Pinpoint and review the Common Core standards that students have difficulty with

Subject Area: Cross-curricular

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Class Time: 50 minutes

Grade Levels: 2 - 8

Whole class participation: 2 to 25 students

JogNog for: Review, MCAS Prep

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• Signs to label computer work stations -- learning centers ("Life Science" or "Math - Measurement")

• 4 or more student computer workstations

• Set up 5 computer workstations, each with a different JogNog FREE Review game (JogNog questions are aligned specifically with the Common Core Standards)
• Choose your games in specific areas where students may be struggling OR review all strands of a subject area. For instance, assign a "Life Science", "Earth and Space Science", "Physical Science" and "Technology and Engineering" station for science
• Break students into small groups and allow them to visit learning centers to play each JogNog game
• Encourage students to work together to find answers to each question
• Allow 10 minutes at each center before ringing a bell signaling students to move to the next center
• After students have completed each center, encourage them to share what they learned or now understand better. Make a chart or list on the board documenting these notes

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