Grade: Advanced
Subject: Art

#4701. Photography Portfolio

Art, level: Advanced
Posted 04/07/2013 by Rachel (Rachel).
Hampton Roads Academy, Newport News
Materials Required: Past Photos, Adobe Photoshop, and Matting materials (provided by school)
Concepts Taught: Photography

Time required: Approximately 12 in-class days

In this final lesson, students will select 3-6 of what they believe to be their best or widest range of photographs to be put in their portfolio. This will give the students an opportunity to go through all of their pictures, including those from previous Photography classes. During this lesson, they will also have the chance to continue to edit and mat photos that they would like to use in their portfolio before turning it in.

Past Photos
Adobe Photoshop
Matting materials (provided by school)

Day 1
1. Begin a discussion with the students about Portfolios: What is a portfolio? Why is it used? How many pictures do you put in it? How big is it?
2. Discuss and show the students what types of photos should be appropriate to include.

Day 2
3. Tell the students that they will be asked to select about 5 of their own photos to be used in this portfolio that show the range of their photography ability. They should bring in those photographs if they are elsewhere.

Day 3-10
4. The students can have this time to edit, mat, and gather the photos they would like to use. The students may also critique each other over this time period.

Day 11-12
5. The instructor will lead the class in a critique of their final portfolio. Allow each student to vocalize their thoughts upon completion of their work as well as any problems, outcomes, successes, and/or complications along the way. Provide constructive criticism of all of the works and allow for adequate time for each student to present his or her work to the students and instructor.