Grade: 3-5

#4702. Personal Life Timeline

Reading/Writing, level: 3-5
Posted 04/08/2013 by Cecilia O. Torres (Cecilia O. Torres).
Russell Elem./B.I.S.D, Brownsville, Tx./USA
Materials Required: Poster boards , butcher paper, sentence strips, pictures, drawings, or computer images, computer wit
Activity Time: Five 30-35 minute days
Concepts Taught: Sequence of Events, Writing Process

Lesson Steps (Activities):
1. Lesson will begin with the teacher reading the book "Because of You" by B. G. Hennessy, Hiroe Nakata.
2. Lesson will continue with the definition of sequence of events and a whole class discussion of personal life events from birth to the present date.
3. Model on the board a sequence of events using a life timeline.
4. Students will then be put into groups of 4 or 5 students that will be working together to assist each other throughout the completion of the activity.
5. Students will begin organizing their ideas by deciding what type of visuals they will be using to demonstrate their personal life timeline.
6. Students will then begin developing their ideas through writing express the description of each event in their life.
7. Students will then edit and revise their first drafts checking for correct punctuation, spelling, and verb usage.
8. Students will exchange their first drafts to help each other identify any editing or revising that their first drafts might still contain.
9. Students will then publish their life timeline writing descriptions.
10. Students will then work on their pictures, drawing, or computer images that will be included to go along with their writing descriptions the personal events in their life.
11. Students will then create their life timeline arranging their visual images and the writing descriptions that relate to the images.
12. Students will share their personal Life Timelines with the rest of their classmates.
A. Hook:
How many of you recall special events in your life span from birth to the present date?
B. Teacher Input (I do):
Then the teacher will begin a class discussion which will include the definition of sequence of events and sharing of some of her personal significant life events from her birth date to the present date. The teacher will then continue the lesson with the reading of the story book by B.G. Hennessy, Hiroe Nakata "Because of You" which has to do with a person's life timeline. She will be stopping along the pages to discuss and compare and contrast the events in the book with the student's personal life events. She will create a simple example of her personal life timeline on the board including some pictures that go along with the specific events. Teacher will then review the writing process as well as the importance of editing /revising process before the final publishing of a writing piece before the students begin their Timeline activity.
C. Check for Understanding:
The teacher will check for the students' understanding by asking for volunteers to share with the whole class some of their personal significant events in their life from the beginning of their birth to the present date. The teacher will write down on the board all the events shared by the students to create a list of example of events that they may include in their own life timelines.
D. Grouping (we do):
The teacher will walk around the classroom to monitor students while they are working on assignment. She will listen and observe the students' discussions and the work on their life timelines providing the assistance needed. Teacher will check what each individual group understands about the lesson by asking them to share with her their written work. This way teacher may provide them with any necessary constructive criticism to help them improve their final product.
E. Independent Practice (you do):
Teacher will assign for homework that the students go and look for pictures that they may have of themselves and that they would like to use in their life timeline. They may also choose to draw their illustration or use a computer to look for images that may represent special events in their life.
F. Closure:
Finally, when the students complete the lesson, they will be provided with the opportunity to share their personal Life Timeline with all their classmates. The teacher will give a closing to the lesson by reviewing the definition of sequence of events, the writing process, and the importance of editing and revising of any written work. The teacher will discuss how by making use of all these strategies they were able to create their person life timeline.

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