Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Mathematics

#472. money board

Mathematics, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Jun 16 16:17:17 PDT 1998 by Lisa (
David Youree Elementary, Smyrna, Tennessee
Materials Required: metal board, coins hot glued to magnets
Activity Time: daily - during calendar time
Concepts Taught: matching calendar number with money amount

Every morning the calendar helper finds the correct number
to put on the calendar. We discuss the number and then
the helper goes to the money board. The money board is a
metal cooking tray or I use a square stove cover. At the
bottom of the tray are coins which have been hot glued to
magnets. At the top of the tray is the cent symbol which
has been written on with permanent marker.
The helper must slide the coins up that equal the money
amount for the daily number.
We always use the least amount of coins to make the number,
but more advanced grades could have the helper come up with
several ways to make the same amount.
For example, if the date is October 19
(then the number is 19),the child could make 19c using 19
pennies OR 3 nickels and 4 pennies OR 1 dime, 1 nickel,
and 4 pennies.
This is done every day so by the end of
the year the children are all very familiar with coins.