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#4735. Small Book of FAll

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted 10/17/2013 by Robin Dobson (Robin Dobson).
Small Book of Fall
Santa Barbara, USA
Materials Required: Legal sized paper
Concepts Taught: Rhyme, Color

The Black Widow
The Black Widow bites on cool autumn nights, waiting in her web littered with the dead. Bits of broken wings. Bees with missing stings. Leave her all alone,
in her messy home!
Some spiders are tidy and spin patterned webs that are cleaned and repaired every night. But Black Widow webs are tangled, sticky, and filled with leftover bits of bugs. They hide and spin under rocks, in woodpiles, almost anywhere that is damp, dark, and quiet. Some spiders and harmless, but Black Widows are venomous. So be careful
Black Widow Word Search: can you find all the words?
Black Bites Bees Web Wings Home

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