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#474. Tooth or Consequences

other, level: Elementary
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Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, Ia USA
Materials Required: Tooth and Brush Model, Floss pack, Computer and Internet, Video, Berenstain Book
Activity Time: Three 40 minutes sessions
Concepts Taught: Dental Health






You will learn the importance of dental care and diet in keeping your teeth and body healthy. You will be watching a video, doing activities on the Internet, and listening to a story.


You will listen to facts about dental health and watch a toothbrushing and flossing demonstration by your teacher. You will watch a video, "Mr. Rabbit's World Tour," visit the Internet for a Scavenger hunt, and listen to a story book, the "Berenstain Bears visit the Dentist."


Part I Discussion and Demonstration

A. You will need to put on your thinking caps while listening to your teacher discuss dental health facts and demonstrate toothbrushing and flossing.

Questions you will need to answer:

1. What is the function of your teeth?
2. Why do you need to brush your teeth?
3. How do you brush your teeth?
4. When do you need to brush your teeth?
5. What is dental floss and how you use it?
6. What are cavities?
7. What are healthy foods for your teeth and body?

B. You will listen to the video "Mr. Rabbits World Tour" and answer the following questions:

1. What tasks did you learn from the video to take care of your teeth?
2. What foods did your learn about are healthy for your teeth and body?
3. Why is it important to go to the dentist?

Part II. Dental Health Scavenger Hunt

A. You will find a partner and go to a computer station. At the computer you will bring up Netscape on your screen and visit the assigned web sites.

Web Site # 1

At this site you will discover the dental health word of the day by playing the toothman game. Each partner will play one game and then you will need to discuss the meaning of the words between you.

Web Site # 2

At this site you will follow the directions and find five snacks that are good for your teeth and your body. Discuss between partners the different between good and bad snacks and what you should do after eating a bad snack.

Web Site # 3

At this site you and your partner will alternate reading a paragraph aloud of the story about toothfairy and her friends until have read the whole story. When you finish reading the story answer the following questions.

1. What functions do your teeth have?
2. How do you care for your teeth?
3. What was the tooth emergency that was discussed and what was done for it?

Please choose one of the web sites that you visited and explain why you liked it best.

Part III Berenstain Bears visit the Dentist

You will put on your thinking caps while listening to your teacher read the story so that you may answer the following questions:

1. What was the reason for going to the dentist?
2. What happened at the dentist office?
3. What does the dentist do?


At the end of these lessons you will have learned about proper toothbrushing, flossing, and good snacks to choose which will be healthy for your teeth and body. I hope you enjoyed your World Tour with Mr. Rabbit and your visits to the Web Sites.


Your teacher will ask you questions to determine your understanding of each task as you go along which will be evaluated by a teacher rubric. The teacher will assist you in filling out an evaluation form about the lessons you received.