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#4741. Health Curriculum Sampler

Health, level: Senior
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The Best Health Lessons
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Concepts Taught: Health class lessons, activities, PowerPoints, tests, and more...

My goal for these FREE items is to give Health teachers some free materials from my semester long Health curriculum (which is currently the best selling Health resource on TeachersPayTeachers!!).

Here is what is included:

1. "Empathy Survey" (in written form (see link below for PowerPoint lesson to go with this)

2. Here are 3 of my Favorite Video Links:

"Perspectacles": "Perspectacles" is a video made by Health class students about a boy who has no empathy for others and then puts on a pair of glasses that allow him to see people as they really are!


Surviving High School: "Surviving High School" is an amazing video. I have 4 days of lessons and powerful activities based on it in my 4-Week "Stop Bullying: Empathy/ Violence Unit."

Part 1:

Part 2:

"The Call" by Matt Kennon: "The Call" is perfect in my "Suicide" lesson during my 2-Week "Stress Unit." It's a tearjerker!

3. "Why Teens Use Drugs" Body Parts Art Project (This is the coolest project and you can tweek it to match your own curriculum topic if you don't teach Health! There are more detailed directions in the link below.)



1 - Not at all
2 - A little
3 - Some of the time (about 1/2 and 1/2)
4 - Most of the time
5 - Almost all of the time

*You may want to be the person who answers these questions with 5's, but just try and be honest - answer for who you really are!

_____1. I feel empathy for people who are less fortunate than me.

_____2. I find it easy to understand other people's point of view.

_____3. I am usually greatly upset by other people's hardships and misfortunes.

_____4. If someone needed help in an emergency, I would willingly offer it.

_____5. There are two sides to every story, I remember this fact and try to look at both sides.

_____6. I would give money to people in need even if I did not know them well.

_____7. If I saw they had a need I would offer to help a neighbor, even without being asked.

_____8. I would let an elderly or disabled person go ahead of me in line even if I was in a hurry.

_____9. I would try and stop a friend from hurting someone, even if the person they wanted to hurt was not our friend.

_____10. When I make decisions I try and think of the rights of everyone involved (thinking of others and not just what's best for me!)

ADD UP YOUR SCORE:_____________ Then look at the back page to see what your score means.

What your EMPATHY score means:

0 - 30 You are not very empathetic! You are probably reluctant to help other people, especially if you don't know them. YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR EMPATHY SKILLS - A LITTLE KINDNESS GOES A LONG WAY. IT IS A CHOICE!!!!

31 - 40 You are average in your empathy and you are generally willing to help others- you may need to work at being more empathetic and/or helping when you don't know the person, or when it doesn't come as easily and as naturally to you!!!!

41 - 50 You are very empathetic and willing to help others! Keep it up - you never know the difference you might make in someone's life!!!! (WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND)

THE OPPOSITE OF EMPATHY IS SELFISHNESS! -- To prove this, go back and read through each question and ask, "If you aren't doing it for others, who are you doing it for?" (The answer will most likely be YOURSELF!! - thus, selfishness!!)


"Why Do Teens Use Drugs and What to Do Instead" Worksheet (The optional body template and pictures are included in the link below)

Read the following list of why teens use drugs.

Imagine you have a friend who is using drugs and you are worried about them. People may use drugs to try to feel good, or to not feel bad, but those feelings are always temporary, and people who use often end up feeling depressed. Teens who use drugs to have fun or to forget their problems may never really learn how to find things in their lives that truly make them fulfilled or find ways to cope with difficulties, and they may keep returning to drugs because they haven't learned other ways to be happy.

Reasons Teen Use Drugs:
They're bored
They're curious
To fit in
To have fun
For the high or relaxation
To look cool
To be rebellious or take a risk
For a relief or escape from problems
They think it's a safe drug
Embarrassed to say "No"
Friends kept pressuring them
It feels good
To feel grown up and show their independence
They're addicted
Everyone else is

What could you tell your friend to do to get those good feelings instead of drugs?

1. Cut out a body part (from the template provided in class)

2. Choose one of the 15 statements below and write it on your body part.

3. On your body part write 25 things a person could do instead of using drugs
because they're. . .

*Be sure to put the prompt on your body part and then decorate it to make it look good.

Instead of using drugs because (. . .CHOSE ONE FROM ABOVE LIST. . .)


The PowerPoints that go with these FREE resources are at my website under "Just Posted Items":