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#4744. Learning Target / Success Criteria Check Off Sheet - FREE!

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Posted 11/18/2013 by AHealthTeacher (AHealthTeacher).
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Materials Required: paper
Concepts Taught: Learning Targets, Success Criteria

This is a weekly check off sheet where students copy the learning target at the beginning of class and rate how well they met the target at the end.

This resource is for any 4th -12th grade teacher.

Don't just post your target - get student feedback too!!

Use this awesome weekly fill-in sheet to get instant feedback on whether your students are learning what you covered for the day!!

It includes an editable copy so you can tailor it to your own class!

Any teacher can use this weekly check off sheet to have your students copy your "Learning Target" for the day onto the sheet at the beginning of class so they know what you want them to learn that day; then they rate their "success criteria" - how well they feel they learned the targeted material at the end of each class.

I think you will find, like I did, that it's so helpful as a teacher to be able to see if students got what you wanted them to learn or not.

If more than a few students say they "need more help," or they "can't do this" that tells me I need to further cover that topic!! I've never had this type of instant feedback before, and I really like this new Learning Target system!


I will copy and paste the information here, but it you want it in a better format, and see a picture of how it's posted in my own classroom, you can get it FREE at my website at:


There are two columns. The first column has this at the top:

Content: Write the daily content learning target:

It has 5 rows below it for each day of the week:

Monday: I will

Tuesday: I will

Wednesday: I will

Thursday: I will

Friday: I will

The second column says this for each of the 5 week days:

I learned this:

4 Very well - without mistakes or help

3 Pretty well - with a few mistakes or some help

2 O.K. - I need a little more help

1 I can't do this right now

Again, go to:

to get the worksheet in a working format!!

Mrs. S.