Grade: Elementary

#475. Arthur's New Puppy Directed Reading Lesson

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Irving Elementary School, Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Materials Required: Computer with Internet, printer, the book, paper, markers, crayons
Activity Time: 3 - 30 minute lessons
Concepts Taught: Reading, Writing, Coloring

Becky Ellison
Arthur's New Puppy
By Marc Brown

Imagine how thrilled Arthur is to be able to have a new puppy to take care of! Along with a new puppy, comes responsibilities.

The Task
You will listen and take part as your teacher and classmates give a definition and examples of responsibility. Ideas will be brainstormed of what Arthur will need to do to prepare for his puppy's arrival. The story will be read as a total group and then talked about. We'll visit a page about the author and Arthur on the Internet. After, you will write your own letter to Arthur!

The Process

Part 1 - You will answer the following questions:
What does responsibility mean?
Who or what are you responsible for?
How is Arthur going to feel?
What things will Arthur have to get ready?
What will Arthur have to do to continue caring for his puppy?

Read the story along with your teacher.
Were you right with your answers about Arthur?

Part 2 - Together with your teacher, let's go to a web site about the author, Marc Brown. (

Here you will find out something very special about what is hidden in the pictures. See if you can locate it with a partner. Share with your teacher.
Now, with your teacher, let's go to Arthur's Home Page. ( Let's see what all is here together. There is a page you can copy and color. (
If you finish this, reread the story.

Part 3 - Brainstorm ideas with your classmates about ideas or suggestions you would like to write to Arthur about. Your teacher will write these up on chart paper.
Now go back to Arthur's Home Page. ( Type in your letter to Arthur. Make sure to use your teacher's Email address, so that Arthur will know where to write you back!
There is one more thing for you to do. Complete a website evaluation given to you by your teacher. Follow along as the sentences are read aloud and mark your answers.

Your teacher will ask you questions before, during and after reading, Arthur's New Puppy to check your understanding of the story. You will also know how to get to a website on the Internet, after this lesson.

At the end of this reading lesson, you will have enjoyed a book written by Marc Brown. You will have been on the Internet and have used it for information and communicating. Your teacher will let you know when Arthur writes you back.
You, your classmates and teacher may want to look for other Arthur books to enjoy!