Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#4751. Homonyms

Language, level: Middle
Posted 03/05/2014 by Mrs Ruth Roberts.
Rainford C of E Primary School, UK
Materials Required: Worksheets, pens, pencils, rubbers
Activity Time: 20 minutes

Where and when these activities will take place.
Do a risk assessment of the learning environment to be used:
is it a safe area
adequate space
quiet enough
bright enough
not too cold or warm
adequate desks and chairs
check any specific needs are addressed

Discuss with the teacher ways of implementing this within this specific age group, clarifying if there are areas/word groups that particularly need extra work, so that this may be incorporated into the activity. Who will be in the group/s, whether it will be a set group of pupils or not and how many pupils in each group -- 4-6 pupils normally.
Decide what format the activity will be carried out in, keeping records of how each pupil progresses and if there are any who continue to struggle, reporting your findings back to the teacher.
Type up the lesson plan and evaluation sheet to keep records on the pupils progress.
Type out the question sheets to be handed out to the pupils for this activity, including an answer sheet and an evaluation sheet to keep records on the pupils progress.