Grade: Middle

#4752. Scientific Revolution Project

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted 03/06/2014 by Katie Tunin (Katie Tunin).
Fillmore Middle School, Ventura, USA
Materials Required: Computers for research, scissors, glue, and paper
Activity Time: 4 class periods
Concepts Taught: Scientific Method, Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution Baseball Card Project

Worth 125 points

Baseball Card Directions: 50 points
Directions: In your group you are responsible for creating a baseball card with the following parts.
Front: Should have a picture with their name under it and two images that show what they did for a job
Back: The back of your baseball card should include correct information for all of the following:

Name of your person:
Country where they are from:
Jobs: Quote: Famous for:

Day by Day Plan Tues.- Individual Research
Wed.- Individually Finish Research and get pictures
Thurs.- In groups make your baseball card
Friday- Present your baseball cards

Day #1
Assign Person to research
Assign groups
Explain Projects
Research in library books and computers

Day #2
Finish research questions
Find or draw pictures for the front of your baseball card

Day #3
In your groups create a baseball card
Rubric 50 points
Front of your card
1. Picture on the front of your baseball of your person with their name under it: 10 points
2. Two images that show your person's job: 10 points
Back of your card:
1. Have correct information filled in for all the areas: 2. Card is neat with nice handwriting: 10 points

Day #4
Rubric: What you will be graded on
Group is ready to present- 10 points
Speak loud, clear, people can understand you- 10 points
Don't laugh or distract the class while presenting- 5
Total Points: 25 points