Grade: 3-5
Subject: Literature

#4756. Christmas Prepositional Poems

Literature, level: 3-5
Posted 04/05/2014 by Robert Justice (Robert Justice).
Mills River Elementary School, Mills River, Henderson
Materials Required: Paper, pencil, black marker, colored pencils, list of prepositions
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Use of prepositions

Christmas Prepositional Poems

This activity works best once students have already learned about prepositions. It allows them to create some prepositional poems, as well as, use their own imagination to illustrate their creations.

Students are issued a list of prepositions either via their textbook, an earlier lesson handout, or a list at the beginning of the lesson.

On overhead/ladybug, teacher will put up a model. The following is an example:

Up on the housetop
From the sleigh
Out with his bag of toys
Down through the chimney
Under the tree go the toys!

The students will see illustrations that go with each line. The last line's illustration should cover the lower third or fourth of the page. Students should be encouraged to color with the colored pencils over the entire page as possible. The words will be written by them with pencil (once they've shown the teacher and had their poems okay'd), then again, with the black marker to make them stand out.
Students may even be allowed to read them aloud, but probably on another day, before having them posted.

These will be collected and may be posted around the classroom, in the hall, or on a display with the heading suggested above: Christmas Prepositional Poems.

The chosen suggested model above was about Santa delivering toys. The students will choose Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas reindeer . . . or any number of holiday themes. Let them be as creative as they wish. The goal is to allow them to use prepositions correctly.