Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#4757. speedball

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted 04/08/2014 by peter chap (peter chap).
joyce clark middle school, sierra vista, az

Peter Chap

Students will know our rules/skills of the day's sport and participate in today's sport. . .as well as participating in daily stretching/conditioning routines.


Soccer Ball
Soccer Goal

1) Football Field. . .use cones to mark the perimeter of the filed and the goalie box around the soccer goal.
2) The game is played soccer style but a player may carry the ball with his/her hands by catching it in the air or off one bounce. A player may not kick the ball up to themselves.
3) If a player's flag is pulled while carrying the ball it is a turnover, other team takes possession at the spot of the flag pull. Ball starts on the ground.
4) Score by kicking the ball into the soccer goal or throwing it in (1 pt each)
5) Each team has one goalie
6) After each scored goal the goalie kicks the ball out of the goalie box.
7) No flag guarding.
8) If a large class you may throw in a second soccer ball.
9) If a ball goes out of bounds other team takes possession and throws the ball into play.