Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#4758. mat ball

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted 04/08/2014 by peter chap (peter chap).
joyce clark middle school, sierra vista, az

Mat Ball-PE
Peter Chap

Students will know our rules/skills of the day's sport and participate in today's sport. . .as well as participating in daily stretching/conditioning routines.

Mat Ball


Mat ball:
1) Basketball court
2) Only the goalie is inside the 3pt line.
3) You score by throwing the ball at the mat (1pt)
4) When a player moves with the ball he/she must bounce the ball. . .and he/she has the ball for a maximum of three seconds. If over three seconds then a turnover.
5) Each team has one goalie. . .only the goalie inbounds the ball.
6) The end walls are live. . .the side walls are out.
7) Defense may not block a throw from the side or back. . ..if a foul occurs the opposing team gets a free shot.
8) Typically a game best suited for 5-10 players on each team.
9) To add an additional method of scoring you may shoot a basket (1pt)