#4764. What Makes Us Different?

Social Studies, level: Kindergarten
Posted 06/09/2014 by Emily McKeon (Emily McKeon).
Materials Required: Paper, crayons/markers, WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? picture book
Activity Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Diversity, Individuality, Dealing with Differences

Who Will Dance With Me?
A Lesson Plan On Being Different and Acceptance of Others
Preschool through 1st Grade

There's a need to teach kids about diversity in the world around them. Not only what makes each of them different, but what makes them special and how they deal with certain things that make them or their friends and classmates stand out.

First have the children draw a self-portrait and tell them to focus on what makes them unique or special. Let them know this can be anything from the color of their skin/eyes/hair to needing glasses or other types of devices.

When they finish with their drawings, have them talk a little about what they think makes them different. Tell them to keep this in mind while you read the story.

After reading WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? (Emily McKeon/Linda Clearwater), discuss the ending.
• Did they understand what happened in the story?
• Why did none of the other princesses want to dance with Rhino?
• Why did Grace dance with Rhino?
• Why did Grace thank Rhino for letting her dance?

Go back to the self-portraits. Have them write a few sentences or talk about how they deal with the things that make them different. Do they let their differences or disabilities affect them? Do they know other people who have a disability and how do those people deal with it?

According to the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, children should learn about individual development and identity. Through this lesson, they will explore their own individuality and that of their peers. They'll learn how their identity shapes them and makes them different.