Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Music

#4766. Five Little Ducks

Music, level: Pre-School
Posted 09/11/2014 by Lisa Oden (Lisa Oden).
Teacher. Net Lesson Plan
SAUTECH, Camden, Ouachita
Materials Required: Children's Book, Five Ducks
Activity Time: 10-15 min
Concepts Taught: Taught

Read and sing the story Five Little Ducks. The melody is in the back of the book(ISBN 0-517-58360-7). Discuss what happening to the ducks, how the mother duck feels when they are gone and when they return. Discuss subtraction from the number 5 down to 1. You can use finger puppets, sign the song again, this time without the book. And remove each duck as mentioned in song. One mother duck and the five babies will follow her around the room. Each duck will "disappear" to designated place are all will return together at the end of the song. Children love acting this out and never seem to get tired of the song.