Grade: all
Subject: Geography

#4768. Geographic Characteristics

Geography, level: all
Posted 09/12/2014 by Holly Guerin (Holly Guerin).
Materials Required: map handout, Internet or geography textbook
Activity Time: 1 class
Concepts Taught: geography


1.Divide the class into groups of two.

2.Provide each group with one copy of the map handout.

3.If the internet is available students can use the internet for help with the worksheet. If internet is not available, ask students to use their geography textbook instead.

4.When the handout is complete, ask students to write both partners names on the top and turn worksheet in to the teacher.

Discuss the following:

a.What is a physical characteristics in geography? (natural features such as mountains, rivers, bodies of water, etc.) Answers may vary.

b.What is a human characteristic in geography? (man-made features such as bridges, buildings, monuments, etc.) Answers may vary.

c.What is an ecoregion? (regions composed of reoccurring ecosystems; and similar climate and landforms throughout.)


1.What are some examples of physical characteristics? (Grand Canyon, Mississippi River, Lake Superior, San Andrea's Fault, etc.) Answers may vary.

2.What are some of examples of human characteristics? (Empire State building, Golden Gate bridge, Washington Memorial, etc.) Answers may vary.

3.What are two major ecoregions found in the United States of America? (Great Plains, Desert, etc.) Answers may vary.


1.Ask the students what ecoregions they would prefer to live in and why.

2.Ask that students what they think is the most interesting human characteristic of the United States and why.

3.Ask students what they think is the most interesting physical characteristic of the United States and why.

4.Ask students of some physical and human characteristics that we can find here in Minnesota.

5.Ask students what type of ecoregion that we live in here in Minnesota.

6.Ask students to compare and contrast Mexico and Canada in terms of ecoregions and human characteristics.

Places have physical characteristics (such as climate, topography vegetation) and human characteristics (such as culture, population, political and economic systems).
Benchmark Locate and identify the physical and human characteristics of places in the United States, and also Canada or Mexico.
Sources Visual was taken from
All other information was from my knowledge and science background and Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in Social Studies packet.