Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#477. An Internet Activity for The Introduction Of The Civil War

History, level: Middle
Posted Thu Jun 18 13:06:46 PDT 1998 by Robert Gifford (
Janesville Cons. School, Janesville, Iowa, USA
Materials Required: Computer on Internet
Activity Time: four days at 40 min.
Concepts Taught: Civil War, Research, Internet Use




Since the five year Civil War is such a huge event in American History, you are going to start off with an overview. To review the major battles you will use the Internet as your research tool to look for information. You will work together in small groups to do your research.


1. You will develop better computer skills by completing a hands on activity using the computer.

2. You will develop Internet skills by learning to search a selected series of activities covering the Civil War.

3. You will improve cooperative and sharing skills by working in groups.

4. You will learn the sixteen battles and leaders of these battles.

5. You will develop better communication skills by sharing your information with
each other.


To help you achieve the objectives; we will go step by step through the process you will need to follow.

1. You will divide into groups of not more then three each.
2. You will be assigned a Civil War year and at least two battles to research.
You may select from the following web sites to conduct your research:


3. Your next step is to organize your group on how you will answer a series of questions. You will each be assigned a task within your group. (Leader, copier, recorder) Each will take turns at the computer searching the Internet.
4. The leader will keep everyone on task and the recorder will write out the answers to the questions that were supplied by the teacher.
5. You may make copies of pictures or maps that will help you in presenting your
report to the class. (Job of the copier) Select from the following two web sites to select your pictures:


6. After completing your task at the computer, you will each have a part in presenting all your research to the entire class, orally and visually, on what you found using any pictures or maps and the supplied question sheet.
7. Each group will complete a "Critical Evaluation Survey" of one web site that your group used in researching your project.


1. What years was the Civil War fought?

2. What are the MAJOR battles that you were assigned?

3. Where did each of these MAJOR battles take place? (Name the state and the
Nearest town)

4. What was the most IMPORTANT outcome of each of these battles? This means what effect did this battle have on the war? (Name at least two)

5. Who were the MAJOR people who played a part in each of these battles? Give a short biography of each general.

6. What other significant material did you find out about each of these battles? (Journals by individual soldiers, pictures, maps)


Years: 1861 - 1862 - 1863 - 1864 - 1865

1. Fort Sumter
2. First Battle of Bull Run
3. Battle of Shiloh
4. Peninsular Campaign
5. Battle of Antietam
6. Battle of Fredericksburg
7. Battle of Chancellorsville
8. Battle of Gettysburg
9. Battle of Chickamauga
10. Battle of Chattanooga
11. Wilderness Campaign
12. Siege of Petersburg
13. Atlanta
14. Sherman's March to the Sea
15. Richmond
16. Appomattox Court House
17. George B. McClellan
18. Ulysses S. Grant
19. Ambrose E. Burnside
20. Joseph Hooker
21. Robert E. Lee
22. Thomas J. Jackson
23. George G. Meade
24. William T. Sherman


Your evaluation of this project will consist of the following:

1. The amount of details and completeness of your subjects as provided in the questions which you answered from the computer.
2. The oral presentation given before the entire class. Use of pictures, maps, or anyother material that will make your presentation easier to understand.
3. A quiz covering the material that all of you presented.


Each student will now have a better understanding of the opportunities that the Internet offers and, at the same time, develop some critical skills in finding what is and is not useful on the Net. You now have a good background to the Civil War as you continue the unit. Since you now have the experience, you might also want to use the Internet to research other areas for material on the Civil War.