Grade: 1-2
Subject: Mathematics

#4771. introduction to array

Mathematics, level: 1-2
Posted 11/04/2014 by Sudha Mahesh (Sudha Mahesh).
KC High , Chennai,India
Materials Required: Pebbles,recording sheet,stationery,white board,marker
Activity Time: 60 min
Concepts Taught: Number concepts

Learning Objective Teaching- learning Activity Resources Assessment
Learners will be able to . . .
Understand array is grouping objects in rows and columns
Learn through activity that there can be different arrays formed for a given number
communicate their findings to another pair and share the answers

15 min:
Teacher demonstrates an activity to show "what is an array?"
Vocabulary words like arrangement, equal, rows, columns and groups are used.
Learners are called in groups of 8 and are arranged in array for the rest of the class to see their arrangement.(Whole class activity)

30 min: Collaborative activity Think pair square activity to enable learners to arrange pebbles given to them and to come up with different arrays and grouping.
Learners record their findings in template provided to them in pairs.
Later they join with another pair of learners and mutually learn from each other different array for the same number (Small Group-4 learners in a group)
Learners to share it with other pair and collate the results in a single sheet.

15 min: Learners do a worksheet on grouping(Individually)
Learners as volunteers
Recording sheet
Worksheet on grouping

Checklist to assess CL activity on participation, group processing

Formative assessment -
Worksheet (I)
1.As differentiation for some learners who may need support from the teacher, clues like marking columns as C and rows as R will enable them to count mentally no: of rows and columns easily.
2. Number of pebbles can be given in such a way that there will be no reminders while grouping them(numbers less than 20).
3. For higher order learner's numbers greater than 20 can be given for array formations.

Duration: 60 min
Subject- Math Unit-Array
Grade level- One

Work sheet on grouping

1. Make groups of 4

How many groups you made? __________

How many rows? ________

How many columns? ________

2. Make groups of 2

How many groups you made? _____

How many rows? _______

How many columns? _______
3. Is this an array of 2 rows and 4 columns?

Yes / No

4. Is this an array of 3 rows 2 columns?

Yes/ No