Grade: other
Subject: Mathematics

#481. You Can't Get There From Here

Mathematics, level: other
Posted Thu Jun 18 14:39:45 PDT 1998 by Mary Kay Marvin (
Hawkeye Community College, Waterloo, IA, USA
Materials Required: Internet and calculator
Activity Time: 1-3 hours
Concepts Taught: Basic Math and Internet use

By Mary Kay Marvin


This is designed so you can do this outside of class, at home (if on the Net) or in the school computer lab.
It is designed assuming no previous experience on the Internet.


For this assignment you will:
1. Produce a map and show me exactly where you live.
2. Find yourself!!
3. Visit yourself or a friend in another state and tell exactly how to get there and how far it is.
4. Tell how far it is in miles and in kilometers.
5. Calculate the cost.
6. Pay for it in dollars AND in foreign currency.
7. Once you accomplish all of the above you will receive a free trip to a historical site,
museum, art gallery or aquarium of your choice.

The good news??

You will do this all on the Internet.
I hope you will find just how easily you can get anywhere you want to go.


Just follow these easy steps.

You will work in pairs (or three if necessary), but each fill out your own worksheet.

Go to the computer lab in BlackHawk or 116 Bremer.
Have the instructor in charge get you on the Internet.

Now you do the rest. (If you really have too much trouble with this come see me in my office and I will help you.)

First a few basics. You will use the mouse and the arrow to move around. The picture above will be on the top of your screen. If you put the arrow on "Back" and press the button on the mouse it will back you up to the last screen you looked at. Likewise the forward will take you forward. Note the arrow button on the lower left of the diagram above. These arrow buttons are also on the far right hand of the screen. Put the mouse arrow right on the arrow on the screen and notice how it moves (scrolls) the picture up or down. Anytime your arrow turns to a pointing finger you can click your mouse and it takes you there.
This will happen on anything underlined and often on pictures.

If you get messed up start back HERE.

On the computer press the ctrl key and the letter 'o' key at the same time.
Type in the following hppt://www/
NOTE: This must be typed exactly as you see it and no spaces.
Hit 'open'.

Enter you name and see how many people have your same name and where they live.

How many did you find? ____________ Check here if 'too many to count'. __________

Chose some one to visit. Someone with your same name (If your name is very unusual you may need to use
only first or last name) or you may choose someone you know in another state. Use this site to find their name, address (include zip code) and phone number. Fill in completely.

Name _____________________________________________



Phone Number______________________________________

Now hit ctrl and "o" again and enter-

Click on "Find a Place" and following the directions, make a map to your house.
At the top of the screen click on 'print'. Your map is done!

Next you will travel from your house to visit the person you selected above and tell exactly how to get there
and how far it is.

Go back (click on ' back') to the beginning screen and click on 'Driving Directions'
Follow the direction and copy in the driving directions.
If it gets long just enter the first 2, last 2 and 2 anywhere in-between.
1. _________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

4. __________________________________

5. __________________________________

6. __________________________________

How long is the trip in__________________________miles____________________________km

Now calculate cost.

Fill in: Current cost of gas __________________________

Current cost of diesel__________________________

1. You are driving a car that gets 24 mi. per gal. What will the trip cost? ________________

2. You are driving a diesel truck that gets 9.5 mi. per gal. What will the trip cost? ____________

You will pay for this with foreign currency.
Click on ctrl and 'o' and enter http// then click on
"Currency Conversion Calculator" enter your cost in USA then fill in the following:

Franc____________ Mark______________Yen_____________ Pound_______________

One last task. Fill out the attached 'Critical Evaluation of a Web Site'. Note: This is a general evaluation and some of the questions may not apply, if so just line out yes/no.

AND you have won your FREE trip.

Enter ctrl and 'o' and enter.
Visit at least one of these sites -

With your partner review each other's work sheets and check the math in calculating the cost of the trip.

How long did this take to do?
Less than 1 hour. ______________

1 to 3 hours. ______________

More than 3 hours. __________


Your work is done, by completing this it is an automatic 'A' and will be 10% of your grade.
If you don't do it, you will receive a '0'.
You ask, "Teacher, you are not usually this easy!?" True. However, this is something I really want you to experience and I am making it an important part of your grade.


The purpose of this exercise was not to do a lot of math, but to introduce you to the Internet and give you an introduction to its scope and power. I hope you visit it again soon.