Grade: Middle

#484. Community service project for 7th graders

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Fri Sep 4 17:31:25 PDT 2009 by Bridget P. (Bridget P.).
Franklin County Public Schools, Frankfort, KY
Materials Required: Depends on your project
Activity Time: 2-5 days, depending on your project.
Concepts Taught: Teaches communities, and planning

The first thing you will do is have your students brainstorm ideas for a project to do in the school, you can also decide the project for yourself, I chose to redo alll the posters in the school hallways. For an exit-slip you can have students predict how the project will help the school.
The next day you will probaly need to decide what materials you will need to do the project and be sure to get permisssion.
Begin your steps, You can use the SSCPCRR planning step program. The S is for Selecting what needs to be done, the next is See what materials you need.The Cis Choose what you need to do to make your projects better, The P is for Preforming your project, Cis Carrying it out, R is for Reviewing how doing what you did helped and R is for Reflecting after your done, you may want to hang a poster up or keep it on the board and mark out what steps you've completed to give them a sense of how close they are to completing the project, maybe have a small celebration,too.
It might be a good idea to just assign one part of the projects to each period, like in 1 period, they would clean the ones in 6th grade hallway, another for the 7th, one for the 8th, and maybe for the last, the other parts of the school, like the doors & bathrooms.