Grade: Middle

#488. Central America Group Map Project

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jun 23 10:05:44 PDT 1998 by Cindy Hopkins ().
Williamston Middle School, Williamston, Ingham
Materials Required: Poster Paper, Colored Pencils, Large Floor/Table Space, Guide Map
Activity Time: 4-5 days using approx. 40-50 minutes/day
Concepts Taught: Awareness of Map Components; Placement of Cen. Am. Countries; Reinforce Enlargement Strategies

1. Place students into groups of 3 or 4.
2. Students will use the guide map to enlarge a map of Central America onto the poster paper.
3. Have students brainstorm strategies they have used in the past to enlarge maps/figures.
4. Review/ Discuss the rubric for the activity so students are aware of what their maps should contain and what will be graded.
Title,Legend,Boundries,Labels(Countries,Capitals,Oceans,Major Landforms),Compass Rose,Scale,Accuracy,Neatness,Group Evaluation
5. Allow students to move into their groups to decide on the strategy they will use to complete the task.
6. Allow students 4-5 days to complete this activity.