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Grade: Elementary

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#49. Literature Logs

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted by Joanie ().
Materials Required: readers, paper, pencils, notebooks
Activity Time: 30-40 minutes/day
Concepts Taught: remedial reading

On first day of lesson, have a chapter of a book, or several pages of book, for children to discuss. As a teacher, preview difficult vocabulary, or confusing concepts, and talk with students. Have them read the material independently, as much as possible. As they read, have them jot down any difficult words, phrases, etc. on a strip of paper next to their book.On second day, have students bring out strips of paper, talk about words that they counldn't read, or ideas that they thought were interesting, whatever your focus for grade level. Then have students read aloud the story or chapter.On third day, have students fill out a literature log, and do a retelling, where they write the name of the book, the chapter read, characters, setting, problem, solution. We usually have the students write down one interesting word, and why they chose it, and a personal reaction to something that happended in the chapter. If you have time, students can share their logs.On Thursday, we usually do some kind of phonic or word-building activity, based on language of the book, like words containing the prefix -un, or maybe words with the long a sound, spelled different ways. These word building activities go in a different journal.On Friday, we free write in a journal (that word building one) and students may choose to write whatever they wish. Lots of times they write about what we have read that week, or things that have happened to them similar to characters in the story.