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#491. Weather/Science/Catch a Cloud

Science, level: all
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Catch A Cloud
This is a neat activity that your students will really enjoy. Also, it will help them understand how clouds are made.

two-liter or two-quart bottle with a narrow neck.

All of the earth's water sources release water vapor into the air. As the water vapor rises, it combines with tiny particles in the air and forms water droplets. Millions of tiny water droplets combine to make a cloud. You will now demonstrate this to your class.

1.) Light the candle.
2.) Turn the bottle upside down and hold the lit candle inside the bottle for a few seconds.
3.) Give the bottle a few minuets to cool. Force air into the bottle by completely covering the opening of the jug with your mouth and blowing hard.
4.) Have the students predict what will happen inside the bottle when you take your mouth away.
5.) Observe the results.
6.) Review with the students how clouds are made. Help them to identify the smoke from the candle as tiny particles and your breath as the water vapor. The air cooled when you took your mouth away from the bottle and a cloud was formed.
7.) Have students draw a picture of what happened.

*NOTE: It is a good idea to try all science experiments before demonstrating it to the class.

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