Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#500. First Contact

Science, level: Elementary
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LESSON TITLE: First Contact
GRADE LEVEL: 6 TIME REQUIRED: 2 class periods

FIRST CONTACT is designed to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their computer skills. Also, it will show students the importance of the Internet as a resource tools and a vehicle for global interaction with other students. Listed before in the task section for the student is a list of students' expectations and a glimpse of the many activities that this lesson will employ.
TASK (See slide show.)
* You must choose a biome whose climate is suitable for Zetorians.
* Zetorian are sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, you must select a biome that receives the least amount of sunlight.
* Zetorians are herbivores. Therefore, which biome would be best suited for their dietary habits?
* Zetorians will die when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. * Zetorians need lot s of rain for the plants.
* Zetorians rely extensively on animals.
* Construct 12" x 12" model of the biome chosen which includes the plants and animals indigenous to the biome
* Email a summary report to the Zetorian Commander.

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to :
Access the Internet to find information.
Send an e-mail.
Collaborate with students around the world.
Describe and create a biome.
Use the computer to create tables and graphs.
Match animals to their biome.


What is the best suited biome for the race of beings known as the Zetorians?

STANDARDS: Characteristics of a biomes
NSES: Populations and ecosystem diversity and adaptations of organisms
1. Internet Resources
2. Email Correspondence
3. Think Sheet
4. Poster boards, markers, rulers,etc

Students will be told to activate their computer and inform their friends at Tell the students to e-mail them all the information that they have about the Zetorians. Ask them to meet with you at biomes/ to decide on the landing site. Explore the map and describe which biome should be studied first. Refer to the Biome Web Page to aid you in your search. Then create a database as instructed on the Think Sheet. When you and your partner have decided on the right biome, email this information to the Zetorian commander. May sure your selection is based on the tasks outlined. Good Luck!

Before dividing the class into pairs, the teacher will need to prepare the class for the activity. The following paragraph should be used to explain the task:
A space ship is in orbit to the planet Earth from the planet Zeto. Its mission is to boldly go where no Zetorian has gone before: to seek out new life and civilization to save their magnificent race. The sun has knocked the planet Zeto out of its orbit and now the planet is dying. Your mission on earth is to find a new home for the Zetorians before they perish. The Zetorian Gazette reads : Spaceship Launched to Earth to Explore the Biomes. The Zetorian are desperate. Can you and your Internet friends help them?

At this point, the teacher will divide the class up and give them the remaining instructional steps listed below.
1. First, you will pull a starburst candy from the bag . Each pair of students with the same color will work together.
After pairing the students, the teacher will need to show the class the Task Slide Show before sending them to the computer. The teacher will then instruct the students to follow the following steps:
2. You and your partner will surf the Internet to compare and contrast biomes of the
3. Based on the information collected you will find the perfect biome described in
task introduction section that will sustain life for Zetorians.
4. Once you have identified the biome make a model representation that shows the climate, plants, and animals indigenous to the biome.

While half the class is working on the computer collecting data and creating the data base, the other half will work on designing and construction the framework for the biome. Also, they will draft the email which will be sent to the Zetorian commander.

Each group will display their biome and email. In addition, each student will take turns explaining to the class exactly what was learned from the activity and the steps used to accomplish the task.