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#501. "Big Cats"

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Posted Mon Jul 6 19:23:32 PDT 1998 by kathy jackson (kjackson@memphis.edu).
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Kathy Jackson

Lesson Title: "Big Cats" Subject Area(s): Science

Lesson Type: Grade Level: 5/6 Time: 2 Class Periods

Lesson Summary: Students will use the internet to find information about different
"big cats"

Learning Objective(s):

Tlw use the internet to locate information about the different kinds of "big cats"

Tlw create a picture dictionary about "big cats"

Tlw compare and contrast different "big cats"

Problem Statement: How are "big cats" alike and different?

Standards: Memphis City Schools: Science -


Internet, reference books, construction paper, pencil , crayons, computer

Computer Applications:

Internet: Students will browse the web to visit different websites for information about
the animals

Database: Students will create a database about the different animals

Activities and Procedures:

Before the Computer:

The teacher will give the students a list of the specific "big cats" to be researched.
The students will form teams of four. Each group will use the internet to research
the animal and then create a database containing information about the animal.

At the Computer:

(Rotation Activities)

(1) Students will work in groups of four. Each group will surf the web to find the
necessary information (2) groups will create their database (3) students will
answer the questions on the "Think Sheet" (4) Create picture dictionary

Culminating Activity:

Share information with the class and share the picture dictionaries