Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#502. Proportion and Me

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jul 7 11:54:32 PDT 1998 by Nichole Saulsberry (
Sherwood Middle School, Memphis, TN
Materials Required: manilla folders, white paper, markers, pencils, poster boards,rulers,computers, "think sheet
Activity Time: 3-5 days
Concepts Taught: Proportion, Measurement, Technology Integration

Nichole Saulsberry
July 7, 1998
Lesson Title: Proportion and Me
Subject Area: Math
Grade Level: 7
Lesson Summary: The students will create a list, essay, proportional time line, and database of 5 personal events and/or occurrences, and 5 events occurring during the same month and year as each of their personal events or occurrences. (10 events in total)
Learning Objective: Be able to use the internet to gather information.
Be able to use database to organize information.
Problem Statement: How does Net information relate to you?
Standards: MCS Standard 4, Specific Expectation 2, Performance Indicator B. Students should be able to make connections between mathematics and their daily lives, to answer questions, solve problems, and complete authentic projects.
Resources: Manila folder, computer, white paper, markers, pencils, and poster board
Applications: Word Processing, database, and internet. Students will use Word Perfect to type a separate list of personal events, and internet events. They will also use Word Perfect to type a 12 paragraph essay explaining the information on both lists.
Students will use the internet to locate 5 events that correspond in month and year with the occurrence of each of their personal events. Students will work in groups of 3 to organize personal and internet events into a group database.
Activity: The students will create a list of 5 important personal events, and a separate list of 5 internet events that correspond in month and year to their personal events. They will take turns typing this list in class. Students will write a 12 paragraph essay explaining these events. They will take turns typing these events in class. Students will use white paper to create one proportional time line of their 5 personal events and 5 internet events. After students have completed the time line, they will work in groups of 3 to create a group database organizing their personal events and corresponding internet events. Each group will turn in its members' individual personal event and internet event lists, their individual essays explaining their personal and internet events, their individual proportional time lines, the group database, and one group-completed "think sheet," in 1 decorated manila folder.
Rotation Activities: When students are not at the computers typing, using the internet, or working on their group databases, they will be working or their essays and/or proportional time lines.
Culminating Activity: Each group will create a poster presentation highlighting one event in each member's life and a corresponding internet event.