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#508. Name Phonics Activity: Gr. K-1

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Posted Sun Jul 12 10:28:19 PDT 1998 by Kathleen Carpenter (
Connecticut, US
Materials Required: set of light cardboard name cards, one for each student
Activity Time: 2-4 minutes daily
Concepts Taught: letter sounds, digraphs, blending sounds, word awareness

Name Phonics Activity

I use this activity daily with kindergarten students. Because the activity results in the class learning which child will perform the important function of "Helper of The Day", the children are very attentive and motivated to decode the name of the lucky person.:-)

Teacher prints each child's name onto a set of cards of uniform size. Size of print is appropriate for large group reading. Cards are in a 'pack', stored in pocket chart, with one name (front card) exposed.

Each day (perhaps as part of Opening Activities to select Helper of the Day, Leader, etc.) teacher takes pack out of pocket chart. Teacher prepares the children to read the next name to determine who will be the [leader, helper, etc.] for the day. Then, teacher slides the top card aside, exposing one letter (first letter->last) at a time* while s/he and class pronounce the sound of each letter, blending the sounds to begin forming the name, until all letters and the full name word have been read. Teacher should provide the opportunity for re-reading the name in its entirety as s/he slides finger under the word.

Pack of cards is replaced in pocket chart with the newly decoded name exposed and referred to by the students during the day when there is a task to be performed by the Helper.

Introduction and discussion of digraphs [perhaps as "two letters traveling together making a new sound" etc.] will become relevant. Digraphs can be indicated on the word card by underlining or color-coding.

*Teacher should use hand to obscure the letters on the top card, turn the top card over, or use a blank card to avoid having the letters from the top card in view of the children as they decode the new name.

Kathleen Carpenter