Grade: Elementary

#513. Valuing Differences

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jul 16 06:28:15 PDT 1998 by Bonnie Provo (
Pangborn School, Hagerstown, MD
Activity Time: 60 min.
Concepts Taught: valuing differences and recognizin similarities

Materials: Copy of poem, "Like Me," by Emily Kingsley for each student. Copy of poem on transparency. Overhead projector. Nerf ball, One copy of Be Good to Eddie Lee by Virginia Fleming blank Venn diagrams Developing Interpretation Rubric in kid language
Identify partners
Time: 60 min.
"Like Me" is a poem about a new kid who is "different". The speaker compares himself to the new kid, at first seeing only differences. It can be inferred that the new kid is a special needs child. Display the poem on the overhead projector, revealing one stanza at a time. Students read it silently or chorally. Teacher asks students to summarize and make predictions at key spots in the poem, throwing a Nerf ball to the student chosen to answer. Personal responses will be encouraged. 15 min.
Students are given copies of the poem and asked if they want to add to the discussion.
Teacher reads aloud Be Good to Eddie Lee, a story about the relationship between a girl and her neighbor, a Down's Syndrome boy. 15 min.
Teacher directs students to Think, Pair, Share with their partner for details in comparing/contrasting the book and poem. This is a prewriting activity. 5 min.
Students record their individual responses on Venn diagrams in complete sentences, then proofread and compare to rubric before giving it to the teacher. 20 min.
Students share a detail not covered before. Teacher praises efforts of class. 5 min.