Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#521. Pancakes, Pancakes

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jul 19 14:01:58 PDT 1998 by Elaine Magud ().
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, Ca.
Materials Required: see Lesson Plan
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: Using the 5 senses

Books: Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomi De Paola
Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle
Objective: Students will participate in these activities and then review what we have learned about the 5 senses. This is the culminating activity day of our unit on the 5 senses.

Overview of Activities:
1. Pancake headbands: small motor activity.
2. Pancake sequencing: English language development
3. Pancake measuring: mathematics - using non-standard measurement.
4. Blueberry Pancakes: fine arts extension - small motor skills.
5. Pancake puppets: English language development - dramatic play.
6. Icky Sticky pancake painting: Science - using the sense of touch.
7. Eating pancakes: Science - using our five senses.
8. Charting the 5 senses: Science - review of what we have learned about the 5 senses. English language development - vocabulary and language development.
9. Additional Activities: English language development and sequencing numerals.

Activity: Pancake Headbands
Materials: each child will need a sentence strip or 2 strips of construction paper cut to make headbands. Each child will need two construction paper pancakes duplicated on brown construction paper, yellow construction paper cut into 1" squares, scissors, glue, stapler.

Procedure: students cut out two paper pancakes and glue to headband. Student glue yellow squares of butter to pancakes. an adult will fit the headband to students head and staple the two ends together.

Activity: Pancake Sequencing
Materials: scissors, crayons, glue, construction paper cut to 6' by 18", a copy of the sequencing page for each student.

Procedure: students color page then cut out squares , and glue onto construction paper, in correct sequence.

Activity: Pancake Measuring
Materials: For each pair of students you will need 10 pancakes cut from construction paper and laminated. Each student will need either a recorder or a counter necklace. Each student will need a pencil and a recording sheet. Items to be measured are: a lunch box, table, paintbrush, and block.

Procedure: The counter will count and place the number of paper pancakes needed to measure an object. The recorder will write that number on the recording sheet. After everyone has completed the activity, discuss with the whole class their results. You will need to discuss why some numbers are different.

Activity: Blueberry Pancake Art
Materials: for each student you will need 2-4 brown construction paper pancakes, a frying pan stenciled onto a piece of 12 X 18 black construction paper, 1"yellow squares of construction paper, blue construction paper dots, glue, scissors, white crayon.

Procedure: Students cut out black frying pan and pancakes. Students assemble pancakes, butter, and blueberries in their frying pan and glue. student write their name on the back of the frying pan with white crayon.

Activity: Pancake hand puppet
Materials: pancakes duplicated on construction paper, brown and black felt tip markers, scissors, glue, odds and ends from art box. (teacher may want to cut finger holes ahead of time.)

Procedure: Students cut out pancake puppet and decorate.

Activity: Icky Sticky pancake painting
Materials: uncooked pancake batter, syrup, plastic plate.

Procedure: Place a small amount of pancake batter and syrup onto a plastic plate. Students finger-paint with the mixture.

Activity: Eating pancakes
Materials: pancake mix, butter, syrup, plates, eating utensils,cooking utensils, electric griddle.

Procedure: Before students eat discuss the 5 senses and what they need to think about as they eat their pancakes.

Activity: Charting the 5 senses
Materials: chart of 5 senses drawn on poster board. marker to record responses.

Procedure: Whole group discussion of 5 senses and how they fit into the day. As students respond record descriptors in the appropriate column. " What did you see, hear, smell, feel, and

Activity: Alphabet sequencing and matching. Number sequencing.
Materials: 26 pancakes with uppercase alphabet printed on them. 26 pancakes with lowercase alphabet printed on them. 21 pancakes with numerals 0-20 written on them.

Procedure: Student can choose to sequence or match these materials.